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Utilizing a proprietary system of products, Alloy Processing provides metal finishing and nondestructive inspection services for aerospace industry clients including Boeing, Embraer SA, Bombardier, Lockheed Martin Corporation, and Spirit AeroSystems. The custom process begins with cleaning to remove oil, grease, and other contaminants. Both a science and an art, the operation may require such treatments as alkaline cleaning, alkaline etching (pickling), deoxidizing, or titanium pickling. Each component may require a different approach. Alloy Processing employs the CRES (corrosion-resistant steel) passivation process, for instance, to clean stainless or corrosion-resistant steel, which contains at least 11 percent, by weight, of chromium content.The company inspects for surface flaws with fluorescent liquid or dye penetrant, with anomalies appearing in the dark under ultraviolet lighting. The Chromic Acid Anodize process thickens the oxide layer on aluminum, providing a gray, corrosion-resistant coating. Depending on the component, Alloy Processing then adds primer, solid film lubricants, Sol-Gel (for titanium), and a topcoat of epoxy or fluid-resistant material or a commercial or aliphatic polyurethane coating. For parts in the fuel tank or areas on an aircraft wetted by fuel, Alloy Processing provides a specially designed corrosion-preventing coat to withstand the harsh environments.Established in Long Beach, California, in 1988, the firm has grown to 150 employees. Now located in Compton, California, Alloy Processing has expanded to a 37,000-square-foot facility and increased its tank capacity exponentially. The site includes metal-finishing tanks up to 40 feet and a titanium processing tank of 18’ x 2’ x 7’, making it one of the country’s largest titanium processing tanks. Alloy Processing is not resting on its laurels; it continuously strives to improve its products, systems, and service. The firm maintains memberships in the Metal Finishing Association of Southern California and the National Aerospace and Contractors Accreditation Program.

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