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Based in Courtland, Ontario, Allmet Roofing Products furnishes roofing materials backed by warranties that cover the lifetime of the owner, as well as wind damage up to 120 miles per hour and damage from hail up 2.5 inches in diameter. Each of the company’s products comes rated to withstand the extreme heat of fire exposure. Furthermore, Allmet Roofing products are designed to contain interior fires, and the company’s fastening procedures help ensure against lifting and ember entry. Its roofing panels hold the Class 4 UL hail rating, meaning they pose the highest level of hail resistance.

Allmet Roofing materials may cost customers more at first than traditional roofing options, but the choice to install an Allmet product amounts to a long-lasting and quality investment. Customers choose an Allmet roof with the express expectation that it will be the last roof they buy. Roofs constructed with traditional materials generally last less than 20 years and often use asphalt shingles that necessitate periodic re-roofing. Allmet’s stone-coated steel roof needs no such maintenance and comes with a transferable limited lifetime guarantee. The durability of the company’s solutions contributes to its reputation as a trusted provider, and those solutions deliver more than just material integrity. With the installation of a stone-coated steel roof, customers could save up to 35 percent on homeowner insurance payments solely based on the protection conferred by Allmet Roofing products. Moreover, some of the company’s products hold an Energy Star rating, meaning they contribute to an energy-efficient home. This may qualify the customer for certain tax credits and rebates from utility companies.


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Allmet Roofing Products are guaranteed by our Lifetime Limited Warranty, 120 mph wind warranty and a 2.5” Hail Stone Warranty.  All of our products maintain a Class A Fire Rating, meaning Allmet Roofing Products perform well against severe fire exposure as they are non-combustible they will not burn.  Allmet’s method of fastening will not allow lifting and ember entry. Allmet panels do not prevent interior fires however Allmet panels will contain an interior fire. All Allmet roofing profiles have been tested and do sustain the effects of hail. Allmet panels have a Class 4 UL Hail Rating, representing the most resistance of all. Allmet products will not crack from the effects of hail balls of up to 2.5 inches in diameter, this is supported by our 2.5” hail stone warranty.


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