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My name is Allison Ruanto and I am a graduate of the Child Development program at CSU Chico. Through my academic career, I've had many opportunities to grow and flourish personally, as well as professionally. I've maintained a 3.8 cumulative GPA, and have had many opportunities through supervised internships to gain hands on experience. I am very experienced with teaching and guiding young children, and have extensive knowledge in child development, assessment, and research methods. My visual resume will tell you more about my journey as a child development major and as a CSU Chico student. 

Check out my teaching portfolio & introduction video above! 


Reflective Narratives 

Here you will find 5 reflective narratives on specific student learning outcomes: 

Supporting Documents 

Supporting documents listed in each of my reflective narratives: 

Professional Responses 

Here you will find 3 professional response videos I made to specific prompts: 

Leadership Training Responses 

Written responses to various trainings I've received as a child development major: 

Thank you for viewing my VisualCV!