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I am willing to help people out or do a job for them. I am honest and trustworthy. I am very patient with customers or people who are in need of help. I can help design posters, banners, work signs. I can operate Microsoft word, power point, and spreadsheets. I can also operate Google docs, slides and spread. I can coach younger kids that would like to learn more about basketball. I can budget, and balance money well. I communicate very well with people in help or need. I can supervise multiple proposals or procedures at one. I can care for animals as well as feed them and water them.  I have designed and founded my own house. I can do any work I put my mind to.


Pet sitting

Can care for pets and love them. I know how to feed and water and bathe animals.



I can work well with kids and willing to care for kids also. 


Caring for horses at Golden Horse Farm

Golden Horse Farm

I care for the horses at the barn. Many of the horses need everyday care and love. You learn people skills and how to interact with the horses, and other animals.

Mar 2016Present

AAU Basketball

SMAC Basketball

I am a key part of the team. I start and put in a lot of work for the team. I attend practices every Monday and Wednesday nights.  I also attend tournaments close to or almost every weekend.


JV Basketball Team

New London High School

The New London High Schools JV basketball team was 2015-2016 Firelands Conference Champions, our record was 16-6. I started as one of the starting five for the season.



New London High School

High School Diploma

Completing my high school education

Taken classes/ credits.

Physical Science, Biology, Algebra 1, Geometry, American History, World History, Art 1 & 2, Yearbook, College English 1 & 2, Spanish 1 & 2.



Have experience in designing rooms with paint colors, furniture,  doors, decorations. Also know to properly paint rooms. 


Can match colors together very well, can sew clothes together, also can sell clothes.


Can navigate where to go and how to get there and what to when you reach your destination.

Social media

Can navigate social media sites like twitter, Instagram, Facebook.

Planning & organization

Can plan accordingly to events  that have happened. The plan will work out well and cover the task needed.

Pet care

Can feed and water pets, have bathed multiple types of animals. Have worked with kittens and small animals before.

Business Skills

Online shopping, can find files or pictures, documents, can use internet according to what the person needs done. Also knows how to work  printers.

Computer Skills

I can operate Microsoft word, Microsoft power point, Microsoft spreadsheets, also Google docs, Google slides.

Communication Skills

I can collaborate with people and groups well.

Management Skills

I can work very well in groups, as well as a leader help mange or them.


LIz Ohm

Dan Speese

Kevin Shays