Work experience

Work experience
Aug 2004 - Aug 2014

Creative Director/Master Hair Colorist

Micahel Anthony Salon Spa

Worked within the downtown location of Michael Anthony Salon Spa location on State/Ontario. Serviced clients of all ages for any type of hair color service for over 10 years. 

Worked on mastering the technical skills necessary to excel both with guests as well as with color theory through exclusive Aveda curriculum. Was able to grow both as a professional as well as an individual as a committed Advanced Educator/ Trainer. 

Mar 1999 - Aug 2003

Client Service Front Line Representative

Salon Mode

Worked with daily with Salon Systems, kept inventory of all products, stocked shelves, one on one client interactions. 



Lead Retailer

Consecutively meets retail per client every month and continue to exceed the goal of $14.50 per client transaction.  Leader in overall company with highest retail transactions quarterly. 

Advanced Academy Color Educator

Highly involved with salon's Advanced Education Team. The skills taught through the program daily not only help students technically become a better colorist, but also help students to grow emotionally. Through this experience, I learned that positions can be filled, however people cannot be replaced.

Team Color Leader/Creative Director

  As a Team Color Leader, it was my role to help the team to work together and get the best results. High performance was a key as a Team Leader; the vital role was  helping the business run smoothly. Organizing the team as well as its workload,  I was able to help ensure performance was kept to a high standard.   The position involved delegating tasks, monitoring the team's performance, helping training and development, completing paperwork and handling complaints.    Other duties within the position included financial responsibilities, stock ordering and taking part in special customer promotions or events.   


2005 - Present

Cosmetology Licensure

Aveda Institute

+Eligible to attend Master Jam due to highest retail sales in class

Beauty is, as Beauty does...

With over ten years in the beauty and wellness industry, I am grateful each day for the skills and abilities I have come to love and consider my passionate career. I strive each day to be someone better than I was yesterday, and couldn't imagine a world without creativity!

I am a passionate artist. I support values that facilitate a sustainable economy and culture. I believe in serving as a creative agent of change in my workplace, surrounding environment with family and friends, in my communities, as well as in the classroom.

Working with Aveda has shown me what it is to mentor as well as how to be a great leader--"great people helping great people." Growing and evolving with Aveda throughout my career of ten years has allowed me to advance through annual learning opportunities such as Advanced Academies to refine technical skills as well as been given the chance to be inspired by leading industry artists at annual events such as Master Jam and Congress.

Advanced Education Courses

Received one on one coaching for advanced techniques from global educators:

· Editorial Hair Cutting Trends Spring/Fall October 2005, November 2010 · Aveda Product Layering March 2006, May 2011· Aveda Congress: September 2008· Michael Anthony Salon Dramatic Changes: October 2008, October 2010· Rudy Miles Spring Makeup 2007; Fall/Winter 2008· Lupe Voss "Raw Beauty Color" September 2008· Ian Michael Black March 2009· Color Blending for Men June 2009· Ana Karzi "One Pallete" October 2009· Benchmarking and Leadership Febuary 2010· David Adams "Block Coloring" May 2010· Ray Civello, "Leadership Success and Confidence" April 2010· Morgan Roy, "Styling Essentials", June 2011· Kathy Monodez, "Trends" September 2011· Kathy Menodez, "Color Corrections" October 2011· Daisy Colina, "Color Magic" November 2011· Chris Filla "Diving into Deep" February 2012