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My Name is Allie Wyland. I am a junior attending Business technology at Westfield Vocational Technical High School. I Work to the best of my ability at anything I may do. My strengths are to keep neat, work hard and to help others, with those strengths it will help me go through the business field. I am the type of person you can count on when you need someone to talk to or help you.

Skills and Qualifactions

  • Microsoft Office 2003 & 2007
  • Accounting
  • Web design
  • Computer software
  • POS retail system
  • Computer sotfware


I enjoy playing sports and being a part of something like a team. I love learning new things and being a leader. I love helping other with anything they need to be helped with.  I have been playing soccer for 3 years and softball for 9 years. This softball season I am the captain of the varsity softball team. I also Love drawing and writing poems.


Westfield Vocational Technical High School

33 Smith Ave

Westfield,MA 01085

Business Technolgy                                                                        Class of 2011

Westfield City Hall

59 Court Street

Westfield MA, 01085

City Clerks Office-Internship                                                            2010


I'm in my junior year and put all my time towards studying and paying attention to the teachers in shop and in the academic class. Responsible, hardworking, organized, out going individual is looking for a job in the business career to utiliaze the skills i have obtained.