Alen Evans

Work experience

Work experience

Field Service Technician

Gerber Camsco Corp.

Maintaining Hewlett Packard Main Frame Computers with Camsco interface PCA'S to operate peripherals such as scopes, plotters, and drives. I was in charge of troubleshooting and routine maintenance at six different companies.

System technician

Sperry/Unisis Computer Systems

I worked on System 80 mainframe computer and peripherals, bringing it up from ground level. Checking out power supplies and pc cards, making the system functional for the customer.

Electronic Technician

I worked on 560/565 PLC product line and RTU field units which measure gas/oil flow through pipe lines. Job duties were troubleshooting PCB and system level failures. I also maintained all burn-in equipment.

Lead Maintenance Tech

Siemens Automotive 3000 Bill Garland RD 

Working on Siemens S25,S15 surface mount placement machines and Grohman conveyor and stacker systems, with Rehm and Vitronics reflow ovens. Maintaining final test equipment and Prodel and Kern-Liebers potting systems. My job function is to repair breakdowns and to maintain equipment to a good working level. Also creating daily assignments for the technical team. 

Siemens Industrail Automation

Working on Siemens placement machines andequipment such as conveyors, ovens and screen printers.My responsibilities are to repair breakdowns and to collect data to set up preventive maintenance schedules that will eliminate down time.

Process/Maintenance Tech

Supporting Manufacturing in troubleshooting, maintenance and programming

issues to eliminate  mchine down time.

Setting up of all machines and test functionality and accuracy.

Generating part vision files for Siemens’ pick and place machines.

Installation and maintenance of Keyance and DVT camera systems

for individual parts and finished product inspection for a FDA controlled product.

My job also included improving process time and quality and to comply with FDA test regulations.




Tennessee Ins. of Electronics