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I am a determined fighter, self-motivated and creative leader with an extremely high ambitions who have started his career early When I was 18 Years old , I can speak Arabic and English fluently so I am bilingual . I am also have a 10 years Experience in business management especially sales, import and distribution , I can easily use computer and office programs , That's a mere summary about me but I have more intelligent skills.

Work experience

Jan 2006June 2016

Sales Manager

Alayat for imort and export

1-I am responsible for increasing the sales income by opening new deals with new customers and increase the sales from the recent customers .
2-I am supervisor for warehouse workers.
3-Develop annual business plan.

Aug 2015October 2015

Sales Representative
I am responsible for sales and open new deal with schools and nurseries and Increase the monthly income for my company.


Jun 2010Jun 2014

Business administration bachelor 

Ain shams university 

I have studied the general sciences of Business administration , management and accounting .


1- I have 7 years Experience in business management , sales and Import from china.
2- I can speak fluently Arabic and English especially i love to speak English .
3- I professional to use computer and internet and all technology .
4- I am hard worker , creative, faithful , smart and loyal .
5- I can travel to my work .

6-I can use photoshop and graphic design programs for marketing purpose.  


1-I took 18 levels in English in Not-courses Academy .
2-I took online courses in office programs.
3-I took online courses in communication skills


Jun 2010Jun 2014

Ain shams university 

Ain shams is an Egyptian Governmental University 


1-commerce , business management certificate From ain shams university.
2-English certificate from not courses academy.
3-experience certificate from alayt company.