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Allan S. Lolly & Assocaites

Allan Lolly is the founder and Principal for Allan S. Lolly & Associates, APC. Mr. Lolly holds over 20 years attorney experience and is licensed to provide federal immigration legal advice in all 50 states.  He is sworn before the U.S. Federal Circuit Courts of Appeals.Before becoming Partner at Allan S. Lolly & Associates in 2000, Allan Lolly had a distinguished legal career. He graduated from the University of California, Berkeley, before completing his Juris Doctor at Santa Clara University. Mr. Lolly spent the next 10 years as a trial attorney, with experience as a prosecutor for immigration fraud matters focusing on the Pacific Rim region. As a prosecutor, he led over 75 judge and jury trials. Mr. Lolly served as an Assistant Attorney General for the Republic of the Marshall Islands, learning immigration laws while abroad. In addition to courtroom experience, he possesses a talent for legal research that forms the bedrock of Allan S. Lolly & Associates’ approach today.Allan S. Lolly & Associates has obtained more than 11,000 visas and green cards for family members, which includes visa refusals, bar waivers and other complex immigration matters.  The law firm and its staff are at the forefront knowing as much, if not more, about marriage-based immigration than other lawyers in the United States.In addition to his work at the law firm Allan S. Lolly & Associates, Allan Lolly is a Contributing Lecturer with the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA). The AILA is a nationwide network of immigration lawyers. Mr. Lolly has lectured on visa refusals, consular processing, and the numerous immigration issues faced by couples from separate countries as well as those foreigners who change immigration status based on marriage while residing in the U.S. If clients have any immigration issues, Allan S. Lolly & Associates is a good place to start.Whether clients are in the United States or abroad, if they have employment or family immigration issues, the law firm of Allan S. Lolly & Associates is happy to serve. Call the office or visit the website online to get started.