Hasan Alkas

  • Brussels Belgium

Work experience

Work experience

Chief Advisor (part time)

Ministry of Transport and Communications

As Chief Advisor to the Minister I am 

*Monitoring and assessing relevant decisions and regulations at executive level.* Drafting legislation such as the Telecommunications Law and Secondary Ordinances on Tariffs, Interconnection, Unbundling, Bitstream Access, Universal Service, UMTS, etc.* Positioning the Minister on Termination Rates, Local Loop Unbundling and Bitstream Access, National Roaming, Retail and Wholesale Pricing, Convergence strategies, Content Regulation, UMTS and WIMAX, Universal Services, IPO of Türk Telekom, Functional Separation, Net Neutrality, etc.* Developing business strategies from the perspective of a shareholder of Türk Telekom and AVEA.* Designing a Balanced Scorecard to manage and assess the performance of Türk Telekom and AVEA´s management.

Sep 2006 - Present

Principal Economist

European Commission

* As Principal Economist I am developing strategies and policies especially on industrial competitiveness through enabling high technologies.

* Programme Manager of the Sectoral e-Business Watch for monitoring and assessing the impact of ICT and e-Business on organisational change, productivity and employment growth, using econometric and statistical tools.* In-depth knowledge in high-tech industries, such as Energy Supply, Industrial Biotechnology, Advanced Materials, Microelectronics, Consumer Electronics, Chemicals, Aerospace and Steel.* Re-positioning of Directorate for Innovation and gaining ground by providing significant contribution to the Telecoms Package, Roaming Regulation, Mobile TV, IPTV, Digital Dividend, ICT and Energy Efficiency, Smart Grids, Automotive Recovery Plan, Mobile Termination Rates, Next Generation Networks, IPv6, State Aid & Merger Cases in ICT and Energy sectors.* My achievements have been closely followed by international press and the European Parliament, which increased my credibility and standing.

Oct 2001 - Sep 2006

Deputy of Executive Vice Pressident

Worked at senior level in various functions, such as

* Member of the Fixed- Mobile Pricing Team in the Headquarter, in order to avoid price cannibalisation and increase cross-selling and marketing potentials (2001-2002).* Member of the Strategy Board of Deutsche Telekom´s fixed network subsidiary (T-COM) at Senior Executive Vice President level (2003-2005); main tasks: decissions on general strategies, such as on a new VoIP strategy, NGN and Convergence, Fighting against fixed-mobile-substitution, new business models at wholesale and retail level, new marketing strategies, such as setting a low cost carrier to compete with no frills operators, etc.* Leader of the Internationalisation Team in T-COM, to evaluate inorganic growth and merger potentials in fixed and mobile(MVNO).* Leader of the Cross-Divisional Strategy Team (around 80 experts in 8 subgroups) to design a new Corporate Regulatory Strategy.* Member of the Corporate Product- and Pricing Board, to ensure a consistent retail- and wholesale pricing and product portfolio (2005-2006), setting a new wholase model.* Leader of the Regulation and Antitrust Team on the Up-Stream Merger of T-Mobile Hungary into MATAV, successful managed the merger.* Leader of the new Pricing and Marketing Team of T-Mobile Slovakia.* Beeing selected the "best staff of the year 2005" for outstanding performance, reducing complexity and coping with change effectively.

Sep 1997 - Sep 2001

Senior Economist


WIK is a research and consultancy institute, which belongs to the Federal Ministry of Economics and advises the German Regulator on Telecommunications, Post Railways, Energy and Post.

As senior Economist I managed succesfully international projects on:* Analytical Cost Models calculating telecoms and energy infrastructure and network costs.* Spectrum Pricing, Management and Auctions Design (e.g. UMTS, WIMAX and WLL).* Project Leader for Price Bundling, Predatory Pricing and Price Discrimination.* Project Leader for New Investment Theory on Real Options calculating capital cost (CAPM and WACC).* Project Leader for Fixed-Mobile- Integration and Substitution Effects.

Jan 1992 - Aug 1996

Financial Accountant

VAKS e.V. Siegen

Working as a Financial Accountant and reporting on all accounting services, credit control and financial balance sheets to the Director of a medium entity.

Main task was developing business-, investment- and financial plans by establishing a new integrated and automated system.



Dr. rer pol

University of Cologne

Doctorate in Economics completed with magna cum laude with the thesis on"Price Bundling in Regulated Telecommunications Markets" after studying and researching at Universities and Institutes in Bonn, Cologne, Oxford and Sussex.