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Higher School

Ain Al Khaleej Private School


Computer Architecture
Computer Programming (Object Oriented Programming Using C++)


My name is Khalid Al Kaabi, and I am currently a student at Coventry University / United Kingdum / First Year with a degree in Computer Science. I'm living in United Arab Emirates with my family and I used to come to England to finish my Bachelor degree at Coventry University.

In this portfolio you will find some of my aspirations and experiences thus far, as well as , where my professional development has been held and my academic, personal, career and professional goals. 


I'm interested in the following fields;

- Web design

- Programming using C++ (Object Oriented Programming)

- Programming using JAVA

- Assembling computer components (Hardware Components)


During my study at Coventry University, the following areas have been developed:

·Improve my language (English language)

·Improve my computing skills

·Improve my relationship

·Improve the independent learning (using library for assessment issues)

·Improve my presentation skills

·Exchange ideas with other students

·Working as a group


From this course I got benefit from the following:

·How to design a website

·Presentation skills

·How to exchange ideas with other students

·How to work as a group


-Academic goals:

In this situation, first I hope to finish my study at Coventry University and continue for postgraduate studies (Master degree)

-Personal goals:

üFirst, I hope I have relative family and give them all my love

üSecondly, I hope after the graduation and employment, I can be one of the leaders within my work area.

üI wish I can help the poor people and give them the assistant.

-Professional goals:

After my graduation, I hope to apply what I learned from the University as I got my development skills their and give my advice to whom it may required.

Reflection and evaluation:

vIt was my dream to study at Coventry University and especially at Computer Science department, and this is happened, now I learned more than what I dreamed as a computing skills and communication skills.

vI've learned from the "Computer Programming" the skills of the programming and from "Software Development" the skills of the programming structure and how to find a suitable solutions for any programmable problems.

v After the first year of my study, I think I need more to decide which field of the experience to gain in the future.

Main Achievements:

1-As I finished the course of "Computer Programming", I felt I have had an experience which capable me to develop myself for more in the employment field.

2- As I finished the "Logic and Sets", it advices me to support my programming skills.

3- As I finished the "Computer Architecture", it increased my hardware skills.

My Work


IC3 (Internet & Computing Core Certificate)

IC3 Center

ICDL (International Computer Driving License)

ICDL Center