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My Vision

"To share the passion of dance by engaging audiences with energetic & mind-blowing performances through many elements such as Gogo Dancing, LED/Fire Performances,  Aerial Arts, Modeling, Stage & Costume Design, Promotional Work, and more!"


Throughout my entire life I have been submersed into a world of dance and performance. I began my dance training young and studied a variety of styles that include but are not limited to ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, modern, acrobats, and gymnastics. I studied these genres for a combined total of 12 years and was given the opportunity to teach to younger children at my studio during my training. I also assisted in recital and competition stage design and production, including costuming.

After graduating high school I moved to Greenville, NC where I studied Health and Wellness as well as Business at East Carolina University. During my time spent at East Carolina University I began my modeling and performance career! I have now expanded my talents into Go-Go dancing, LED and fire performances, character performance, aerial arts, and promotional modeling! I strive to bring the most professional services to any local, regional, or national event!

Performance Photos

~Various professional shots from previous events and performances 

Performance HighLights 

  • Groove Cruise - Jamaica - Gogo Dancer, LED Hoop Performer - GL&M Productions - 1/22/16-1/26/16
  • Hulaween - Suwannee, FL - Gogo Dancer - Nova Han Productions -  10/31/15
  • Imagine Festival - Atlanta, GA- Gogo Dancer - GL&M Productions - 9/28/15 - 9/31/15
  • Electric Forest - Rothbury, MI - Character Performer & Tap Dancer - Nova Han & GL&M Productions - 6/25/15 - 6/29/15
  • Dazed and Confused - Charlotte, NC- LED Hoop Performer, Gogo Dancer - Spent Entertainment - 5/17/15
  • Mad Hatter's Ball - Charlotte, NC - Character Performer, LED Hoop Performer - 1/23/15
  • Bro Safari Animal House Tour - Charlotte, NC - Gogo Dancer - Sugar Society/Disco Donnie Presents - 12/10/14
  • GFW Presents - Raleigh, NC- .Gogo Dancer, LED Poi/Hoop Performer - 10/4/14
  • Yellowclaw Tour - Columbia, SC - Gogo Dancer - Sugar Society - 6/19/14
  • Revolt Fashion Show & Performance Showcase - Raleigh, NC - Gogo Dancer - Solas Raleigh - 5/20/14
  • Havoc Nightclub - Raleigh, NC - Resident Performer- 12/2013-12/2014
  • Light the Night - Greenville, NC - Gogo Dancer -Suite160 Entertainment - 10/25/13
  • Official LIC After Party - Raleigh, NC - Gogo Dancer - 9/5/13
  • A Mad World Bi-Monthly Events - Raleigh, NC - Resident Performer - 2012-2014

Modeling Portfolio

~Various sample work of recent modeling endeavors 

Work History



GL&M Productions
  • Perform on stage in character during scheduled set times
  • Engage audience with character performance
  • Social Media Promotion

Event Promoter

  • Promote for national events such as Moonrise Festival, Cali Roots Music Festival, Imagine Music Festival, Tomorrowworld, Counterpoint Music Festival, etc. 
  • Promote for local/regional events such as A Mad World Productions, Sugar Society, Social Bar & Lounge, Disco Donnie Presents, SOMA Lights, etc. 
  • Hang and pass out hard copy fliers and use social media as an information outlet for patrons

Regional Troupe Leader/Performer

  • Design costumes for team of 4-6 dancers
  • Coordinate potential event bookings with local NC events
  • Perform on stage in character during scheduled set times
  • Promotional work for Playhau5 to expand agency

Resident Performer/Performance Coordinator

A Mad World Bi-Monthly Events 
  • Coordinate performance attributes with Production
  • Design and create all costumes and props used for performance 
  • Book and manage performers for event
  • Perform on stage in character during scheduled set times
  • Crowd Interaction/Promotion

Resident Performer

Havoc Nightclub
  • Create new costumes bi-weekly for residency
  • Perform on stage in character during scheduled set times
  • Crowd Interaction/Promotion

Instructor/Production Assistant  

Dance Perfections 
  • Teach fundamental dance techniques, stretching, and tailored dance strength training to children ages 2-12
  • Assist in costume and stage design production for competition and recital groups