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  • Entrepreneur, ability to identify market opportunity. Founder of a start-up that showed real results.
  • Business consultant providing essential strategies for profitability and growth through visual product placement and mix.
  • Visual problem solver-looking at situations with a business savvy reality.
  • Multi-level retail manager, successfully leading companies by creating an all encompassed work environment.

Work experience

May 1998Jun 2011

Founder / Owner

Mountain River Lanyards

I am the past owner of a start-up fly-fishing accessory manufacturing company. I was directly in charge of product development, growing the business and managing our 250 worldwide accounts. I was involved with testing, packaging, product placement (designed green fixtures) and training.  While building Mountain River Lanyards I forged successful business relationships with big accounts such as Orvis, LLBean, and Cabela's and numerous smaller operations in the outdoor sports industry.  I have kept our products made in Montana and put various people to work. I also brokered deals with overseas companies for sewing contracts. I am currently working as a consultant with the new owner to ensure a smooth transition.

Mar 2004Mar 2007

Store Manager

Coldwater Creek

I was hired as HR Director then became the Store Manager.  I was responsible for $4.5 million in sales.  Jackson Hole is a seasonal resort market influenced by weather, economy, and the value of Real Estate.  We had to forecast our sales plan early to adapt for these influences.  As a management team we were also a buying team.  We went to markets to add products that would delight our clients and enhance our profit margins.  The visual aspect of our job was huge.  We were constantly getting in new product, proper placement was critical as our customers were sometimes only in our store for one visit!  Young adults from around the world would come to Jackson Hole on J1 Visas seeking seasonal employment.  I was lucky enough to hire some great people and have them return for years to come!

Sep 2001Feb 2004


Food For Thought

I owned and operated this cafe/coffee shop in the University District of Missoula, Montana.  We offered a full breakfast and lunch menu, espresso bar and nightly dinner specials.  I had a baker and a kitchen manager that reported directly to me.  I managed a staff of 30 employees.  As part of my daily schedule I worked a shift at the counter, did the bookkeeping, ordering and managed our staffing needs.  We ran a tight business that kept payroll and food percentages in check with industry standards.  Food For Thought grossed $500,000 anually.  We added to our bottom line by sellling unique book titles and logo wear.  We sourced product with local vendors that provided great coffee beans, produce and more.  We prided ourselves with delighting our customers with consistently great service.  We served beautiful healthy foods and beverages on a daily basis.

Sep 1998Sep 2001

Department Manager

The Bon Marche

My 5 departments that I managed contributed to $11 million in sales.  As part of the management team I was responsible for leading a staff of 90 employees.  I conducted group hiring sessions as well as on going recruiting and hiring on my own.  I contributed ideas for best practices in our management meetings that we implemented into our day to day business, such as fluid set up and take down of sales promotions to better utilize hours for selling.  My departments drove a big part of the business at the Bon based on exceeding customer needs.  All 5 departments had employees cross trained.  In order to have a productive and balanced work environment, a strong leader has to be in place.  I achieved this in a few months time, and the results resonated throughout the store.


Chris Corbin

Alison has a gift for execution. The energy and passion she brings to any business endeavor or project is unparalleled.

Seniye Groff

I managed Alison for four years at Gymboree.  After she left Gymboree, she delved into a variety of business endeavors.  Each one was successful due to her business smarts and ability to build powerful, long lasting relationships with vendors, staff and partners.

Alison is a rare gem.  It is not often that you run across someone so smart, so passionate, and so talented.

Leah Vogel

Alison captivates a room with her authentic style, professionalism and genuine good nature.


SST Travel School

Rocky Mountain College