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Work Philosophy

Teamwork is huge when working with other. Helping and serving others also plays a huge role in today's society. Others respect those who give 100% in all they do. I am motivated to give my best effort in all I do because I know the people around me are giving their best effort.



University of Alabama
Aug 2014May 2018

Food and Nutrition

University of Alabama

Taking classes to become a Registered Dietician

Work experience


Babysat for multiple families throughout my high school years

Northside Christian School

Northside Christian School
St. Petersburg, FL Served food to faculty and staff Answered questions on the proper portion Operation Christmas Child Organized, pack boxes for kids, and loaded the truck Project Build-A-Bed Made blankets for the children in the community without one Children's Dream Fund Organized a fundraiser for children with life threatening diseases.

Short and Long Term Goals

Short-term goals • Volunteer with an organization beneficial to my major • Make the best food choices I can • Continue to stay healthy and exercise • Giving all my classes my best effort Long-term goals • Being offered a job dealing with my major • Be an example to others through my words and actions • Graduate from college and get a job • Have a family in the future

Example of Work (Research Paper)

Breathe Healthy Live Happy Have you ever been out in public and had to smell someone else’s smoke? Breathing in another beings smoke is the cause of over 3,000 lung cancer deaths a year (Swisher 26). Cancer is unpredictable, but smoking adds an extra risk for getting lung cancer. The rules concerning smoking in public are getting better, but there needs to be more regulations. The amount of smokers in the United States has decreased since laws and regulations have been put into place that prohibits smoking in public places (Regulation of Smoking). Smoking in public places should be discontinued, because it is not only affecting the health of the person smoking but the health of others too. There are currently 35 states that have some sort of regulation about smoking in public places (Guilfoyle). Of those states, only 23 of them have completely banned smoking in public places (Guilfoyle).Based on those 23 states, only 48.6% of the people living in the United States, live in a place that completely bans smoking (Guilfoyle). For this reason, the overall regulations that ban smoking in the United States need to be improved. Unfortunately, this leaves 15 states that don’t have any regulations at all. What would an average smoker say if they knew they caused the death of somebody else by secondhand smoke, even though nearly seventy-five percent of our country has one or more regulations on smoking? The fact that almost twenty-five percent of the United States does not have one regulation on smoking needs to be addressed (Guilfoyle).

Community Service

Discipleship Leader (2012-2014; 20 hrs) organize a gathering of middle school girls to be a mentor to them.

Camp Counseling (2013; 100 hrs) attended middle school camp as a leader and stayed in the woods for a week.

Old Salt Fishing Foundation (2013-2014; 26 hrs) volunteered to tag fish.


Children's Dream Fund
Organized a fundraiser to help kids with life threatening diseases.
Made blankets for children in the community who do not have a blanket to sleep with.
Operation Christmas Child
Put together shoe boxes, during Christmas time, full of toys to send to different countries for children ages 2-14.