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Ali Sohani

Software Architect/ Consultant at

Work experience

Jan 2000Present

Founding Director, Software Architect and Chief AI Researcher

Nanosoft Systems
  • Started company to develop and provide consultancy on Artificial Intelligence oriented Systems.
  • Have developed and launched products, projects and services like
    • ALI [Artificial Language Intelligence] (NLP Chatter bot Technology)
    • MIMS [Magic Info Mining System] (Information mining from large corpus)
    • myPortal (Personalized content dashboard management System)
    • myADS (Context based Ad retrieval System)
    • myNews (Automated news extraction from customizable news sources, auto topic detection, ranking and recommendation on relevance)
    • Net-Work Expert (Expert System to diagnose and resolve Intranet Problems)
    • Mechas’n’Orgas (Prototype of Real Time Strategy Game)
  • Research and Development in areas like NLP, text mining, knowledge extraction, topic classification, statistics and probability distributions, Monte Carlo simulation, AI in Games, reinforcement learning, evolving neural networks, genetic algorithms, machine learning, fuzzy logic and pattern detection in collective intelligence.
Mar 2006Nov 2008

Project Manager/ Software Architect

Systems Ltd. (Visionet Systems, Inc.)
  • Supervising multiple Projects at Design, Development, Implementation, Production support and Research level.
  • Supervising Software Product Development team of Business Analysts, GUI Engineers, Software Engineers, Quality and Testing Engineers which includes setting productivity and accuracy goals, motivating the team to meet and exceed those goals, delegating tasks, managing workflow, writing performance appraisals, and developing each member of the team to help them reach their personal career goals.
  • Conducting Software Architecture and Design Reviews at company level Software Product design, architecture and development.
  • Part of Company level Best Practices and Architecture Group led by CTO. Primarily responsible for strategy formation, adoption and training of technology and business standards, industry wide best practices in software analysis, design, execution and control to increase the overall productivity of teams with respect to focus on Product Development.
  • Successfully supervised A to Zee develoment of company's flagship product: "VisiRepurchase" and customization project for JP Morgan Chase (World’s third largest bank and fourth largest corporation – Global 100)
Jun 2005Mar 2006

Senior Analyst Programmer/ Development Team Leader

Global Solutions (Glotech Inc.)
  • Implemented and Enforced the use of proper workflow architecture and processes, managinginner system dependencies effectively and to produce output efficiently.
  • Contributed leadership experience toward scheduling, feature prioritization, bug triage, staffing.
  • Supervised and Motivated team to get work done within their deadlines with improving quality byutilizing best software practices, peer-reviews and cross testing the development.
  • Introduced Technologies with great ROI to be used in Development of Softwares.
  • Contributed in SDLC Optimization, Software Design and Architecture Practices at CompanyLevel.
  • Introduced practice of peer testing in software development to achieve better software quality andto reduce number of bug fixing cycles after development.
Sep 2004Jun 2005

Senior Web Developer / Team Lead

Out-Reach Digital (Pvt) Ltd.
  • Developed and lead the development team for Company projects that depended on SQL Server,while using the proprietary Data Abstraction Layer of Company from the code behind.
  • Developed one of the first Software Solutions in the country targeting Media Industry such asBroadcast Management System, Telecast Management System and Ads Management System
  • Developed extensively JavaScript powered Application, with (Codebehind: C#),minimizing amount of post-backs, providing Rich Interaction to business user on the web.
  • Built the Generic Search Engine and light weighted "wiki" like Web Dynamic Content ManagementSolution.
Jun 2003Jan 2004

Software Programmer, Consultant and Mentor

FAITH Group and IT College
  • Implemented new solutions in advance emerging technologies.
  • Provided production support to developed solutions of the Company.
  • Dynamically lead the team to improve on Software Development.
  • Overall optimized Software Development Life Cycle.
  • Provided Internal trainings on use of Emerging Technologies as a part of Software Development.
  • Implemented an Interpreter based programming language named as "FAITH", as a part of OpenSource development initiative.
  • Trained staff to start hands on development experience on .NET Beta versions launched byMicrosoft.
Aug 2002Mar 2003

Software Programmer, Consultant and Mentor

Digisoft Academy
  • Coached and provided consultancy of Visual Basic 6.0 with Database Connectivity toprofessionals working on C++, Java and FoxPro.
  • Provided consultancy to several companies on business automation.


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