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- Solid education in analysis and management receiving a Master's Certificate in Project Management, Congressional Operation, & Survey Methodology along with an MBA with emphasis in International Government Organization

- Effective leadership skills with proven success and expertise in managing various complex federal government operations and departments

- Noted success in analyzing billions of dollars of revenues, expenditures, debt, and assets statistics of state and local governments to include in the national GDP and GNP indicators

-Lead a grassroots campaign to market Commerce Department initiatives that included social media, clean pavement adverts, buzz marketing, and real life product placement to multicultural communities

- Dynamic public relations skills resulting in top notch local, state, and national governments briefings and community outreach efforts

- Selected for the highly competitive Federal Government Leadership Program where over a span of a year I participated in intense projects that honed my leadership style and sharpen my knowledge of managing federal operations. I shadowed an UnderSecretary of Public Affairs and Congressional Operations to learn top notch leadership skills all during the nation's largest peace time operation


Analytical guru with proven results in large scale operations management, statistical analysis, and national, state and local government outreach.