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Fifteen years software development experience.Ten years professional experience.

Director of Engineering LA at Originatelabs: consulting and leading development for start up companies in various technologies such as Flash/ActionScript, Java, and .Net.

Extensive experience consulting and working on large scale XBRL software projects at the FDIC, Unisys, and KPMG.

Three years 3D software development experience at UCLA scientific visualization.

One and a half years undergraduate teaching experience at the UCLA Computer Science department.

Internship at Cisco systems with the only intern in program receiving a full time offer.

Masters in Computer Science and Bachelors in Computer Science and Engineering at UCLA.

Business development experience: Partner and co-founder for Thrive Inc., a high-end fashion company with clothes sold in various boutiques around the country.Also developed a secondary line for Thrive with clothes sold in Nordstrom's.

Hobbies: 8 years sailing large yachts with a skippers license from US Sailing.

Work experience

Jun 2006Present

Director of Engineering

Originate Labs

Originate Labs fosters the entrepreneurial spirit, inspires technological innovation, supports new business ventures and encourages personal growth by providing the freedom to experiment with novel solutions to real-world problems in the context of proven processes and management.

A pioneer in Venture Resources, Originate Labs invests elite engineering talent, methods and experience in high potential ideas and partners.  Their portfolio includes both internally generated incubations, as well as investments in some of the most entrepreneurial start-ups and fast-moving enterprises in technology. 


  • GlanceGuide
  • Mobile Hostess
  • Top Talent
Jan 2008Present



GlanceGuide helps clients make decisions on how to optimize and better monetize video content and ad assets. GlanceGuide provides a wide array of reports for analysis on videos and ads over your entire site by season, episode, Top 10, or however you are organized using thePlatform’s content management system. Reports include Reach, Beginning-to-End Views, Audience Loss, Segment Analysis, Referring Sites, Geography, and Ad Conversions. GlanceGuide’s Customized Reporting includes export of the data for integration into a client’s internal reporting system.

Dec 2007Present


Mobile Hostess

Mobile Hostess is a web-based wireless restaurant management system and the first guest management interface that allows restaurants to send SMS alerts to guests' cell phones and pagers. With integrated SMS capabilities, Mobile Hostess is a powerful sales, management and marketing tool. Built on the latest Web 2.0 technologies, Mobile Hostess makes it easy for restaurants to add terminals anywhere a wired or wireless internet connection exists.  The hosted architecture provides high availability, security, and scalability, while still providing a sleek user experience.  Originate believes that a hosted web application model is the future of the services industry.

Jun 2008Present


Top Talent

Top Talent is a unique resume screening application that allows employers to spend more time with employable candidates and reduce the amount of time interviewing unqualified applicants.

The platform's proprietary resume prossessing system is an automated candidate screening application that allows employers to only see the candidate qualified for the job instead of going through a tedious and ineffective screening process. The Top Talent platform processes each resume and automatically administers the appropriate skills assessment exam to the candidate, giving employers what they need: both quantitative and qualitative screening information.

Oct 2002May 2006

Software Engineer / Consultant

  • Consulted in the research and development of an XBRL based auditing system at KPMG
  • Consulted in the reengineering process of the FDIC call report system, using XBRL and ASP.NET
  • Using C#, created a leading XBRL application with extremely advance user interface
  • Using Java, developed and optimised and XBRL converter for use by NEC, Japan
  • Developed automated test tools that led to faster detection of software defects
Aug 2001Jul 2002

Software Engineer / Release Manager

SDN Networks Inc.
  • Using Java, JavaScript, XML, HTML and Servlets, created a web server used to access, configure, monitor, and troubleshoot the SDN network
  • Researched and developed customer protocol requirements (EDI, ESMTP, etc.) in extremely short release cycles
  • As Release Manager, successfully led team memebers and ensured that all software requirements were tested and completed on time, even as 40% of the team was laid-off
Jun 1998Jun 2001

Software Engineer

Scientific Visualization UCLA
  • Using C++, researched and developed software to convert scientific data into 3D objects, giving UCLA scientists the ability to "fly" through their data in a virtual reality world:
  • Implemented an advance 3D user interface making it possible to interact in the 3D world with extreme ease
  • Published works: "The Virtual World Data Server Client for Large Scientific Datasets", SPIE proceedings December 1999 & "Instrumenting and turning dataView", SP&E November 2001
Jan 2000Jun 2001

Digital Design Teacher

Computer Science UCLA
  • Lectured, created projects, wrote exams, and assigned grades for a hardware digital design class/laboratory
  • Students only had two months to use Xilinx and create the AMD2900 porcessor, load it onto an FPGA, and write software drivers into C to run it
  • Received outstanding feedback from student evaluations
Jun 2000Sep 2000

Software Engineer Intern

Cisco Systems Inc
  • In a period of three months, researched and developed a prototype MPEG4 player for Linux, along with online video streaming (RTSP, RTP) functionality:
  • One of only two interns that was given the opportunity to return to Cisco upon graduation.


Technical Skills
Computer Networks, Programming Languages, Computer Graphics, Artificial Intelligence, Algorithms, Operation Systems, Multi-Threading Theory
Internet Skils
Programming Languages
ActionScript C# Java SQL C++ C Perl C Shell Awk Assembly Flash/Action Script/Flex/Air PHP/CakePHP