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Alisha Van Fosson

I am a well educated young woman, who is responsible, on task, and inherently determined to surpass expectations.


Sep 2013Jun 2017

Pending High School Diploma

New Haven High School

General education, focused on honors/ap classes. Cumulative GPA of 3.50 (90.63%)

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I am currently taking all honors classes that are being made available to my grade, and I have received multiple awards from my school in recognition of my accomplishments. I have been trained in problem solving and peer mediation through the Restorative Justice program at my school, and, as of this past March, I have been accepted into the National Honors Society due to my intellectual prowess. Regardless of any hindrances that I have faced in life, I have still managed to rise above in my academic achievements and I continue to strive to better myself while working my hardest.


Mechanical Ability
Shows talent in the area of hands on work, and exhibits potential ability to expand on that skill. Also has increasing skill and expertise in automotive technology.
Motivated to speak effectively, express ideas to move toward mutual goals with coworkers and customers in the workplace, illustrates ability to negotiate/resolve conflicts and differences.
Quick Learning
Natural ability in the area of comprehension and retention, as well as excellent active listening skills.
Problem Solving
Inherent determination in the process of working through a problem to reach a solution, including systematic operations and innate critical thinking skills. Provides well-thought out solutions.
Time Management
Acute ability to plan and exercise conscious control over the amount of time spent on specific activities in order to reach goals.
Computer Literate
Exceptional familiarity with a computer and its accompanying programs, with emphasis on office applications.
Writing for publication on a deadline. Calls for hard work, ethics, morality, and quality writing.