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Master Student and early career scientist in the water resources industry. Environmental data analyst and hydrology guru. Exposes any type of water contamination. Water resources quality and monitoring specialist

Work History

UNESCO Chair on Water resources management in Central Asia


Project Coordinator

  • Coordination International IWRM Student Contest and Water Days in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Afghanistan
  • Monitoring and coordination of IWRM MA Projects
  • Working with global and Central Asian data base
  • Administrative work of UNESCO Chair
  • Preparing projects budjets, drafting key studies of individual projects
  • Creation and implementation of Students Scientific Colloquium in German-Kazakh University

“Natural Resources Institute”, German-Kazakh University


Project Assistant

  • Integrated water and natural resources management
  • Capacity development
  • Project management, budget planning, preparing project concepts, scientific writing,
  • Water quality measurements and field works (chemical, physical, biological), coordination of water day (scientific colloquium for students)
  • Conducting summer schools with CAWa (Water and land resources measurements tools)
  • Condcuting of the Kazakh Water Forum (3rd, 4th)
  • Conducting Global Water Partnership CACENA Trainings in Kazakhstan

Public Fund “Water Initiatives Center”, Astana, Kazakhstan


Expert hydrologist

  • Assisting within practical implementation of national and international environmental programs and projects for water resources protection and restoration in Kazakhstan
  • Cooperation with government agencies on implementation of international environmental conventions
  • Coordination of National Dialogue on Water Policy in Kazakhstan


German-Kazakh University


Master of regional sciences (IWRM MA Program)

The Program focuses on interdisciplinary approaches in water management. Mainly German academic staff present the high range of experience from Germany and other European countries in the field of sustainable water management. The study program is accompanied by students' active participation in scientific projects and practical field activities. Interactive teaching methods and a high ratio of self-study that make course unique and effective.The program is designed for a two-year full-time study 

Master thesis: "Water quality Assessment of Arys River basin in Sothern Kazakhstan in 2016-2017"

Eurasian National University, Astana Kazakhstan


Bachelor of Natural Science (Hydrology)

The study of hydrology, hydrochemistry and Hydroecology, as well as the flow dynamics of a channel; participation in expeditions; conducting research in laboratories or computing centers; the use of modern GIS technologies and software in operation; drawing maps, diagrams, tables, graphs on a given topic, training and auxiliary work in schools, colleges or universities; the use of Internet resources in the work of creating the database; protection and prevention of possible consequences of natural disasters, accidents or catastrophes; the application of theoretical knowledge in practice; drafting sections of scientific and technical reports, explanatory notes; the preparation of the surveys, abstracts; the compilation of abstracts and bibliography; participation in seminars or conferences; possession of theoretical bases of different sections such Sciences as meteorology, climatology, hydrology, hydrography, hydrogeology, hydrochemistry and Hydroecology; project of production of works in the field of hydrology

Diploma: "Water balance of Lake System in Northern Kazakhstan in 2013-2014"



  • Operating with hydrometrical “propeller”
  • Water velocity and level measurements
  • Water balance research
  • Water quality measurements and assessment (dissolved Oxygen, conductivity, turbidity, chromaticity, taste and smell, pH, dissolved minerals, alkalinity, chlorine, phosphorus and nitrogen)


  • ArcGIS
  • QGIS
  • MS Office

Project Management

  • Project planning
  • Markeiting
  • Budget plunning
  • Project concepts writing
  • Narrative and financial reports writing

Self competence

Characterized by the following qualities: punctuality, responsibility, diligence, sociability


Listening Reading Writing Speaking
English C1 C2 C1 C1
German A1 A2 A2 A1
Kazakh B1 B2 B1 B1
Russian C2 C2 C2 C2

Projects & Workshops

Deep Report


AQUASTOCK Project Central Asia

Remote water quality monitoring and forecasting in Central Asia with AI-assisted models and multispectral satellite data

Newton-Al-Farabi Project


Developing water resources management in Southern Kazakhstan to mitigate the societal impacts of rapid climate change

From 2015-2017, fieldwork campaigns were carried out to collect hydroclimatic data on climate change impacts. This allowed to: (i) reconstruct regional river and catchment responses to recent and historical climatic fluctuations; (ii) evaluate the effects of recent anthropogenic activities on water quality in these regions; (iii) assess current flood risk and community vulnerability to drought; and (iv) mitigate these problems by producing policies that improve water stress resilience - all based on local evidence and expertise.

UK water science experts collaborated with local Kazakh institutes and experts, with involvement of early career scientists and graduate students to maximise knowledge transfer and to trained the next generation of Kazakh water resources managers.

Free University of Berlin

Jun 2016Aug 2016

Best Practice Summer Course on “Sustainable Water Management in Urban Areas - example of Berlin"

Supported by the DAAD-Project "Integrated water resources management" at the German-Kazakh University

Working with GIS databases, data and maps; cleaning the folder structure of the geodatabases; clearing the digital maps; working on template of the maps for the regional office; develop structure of the GIS information and databases

University of California

June, 25-30, 2016

Short course "Application of Dendrochronology to Water Resources Management"

Conducted by Aberystwyth University under the Newton-Al-Farabi Partnership Programme in Al-Farabi Kazakh National University

Global Water Partnership

Feb, 11-12, 2016

Training on Integrated Urban Water Management for Central Asia

The training was designed to be a consultation meeting to explore needs of lecturers and water operators in practicing tools for integrated water resources management. GWP finalized the tools for integrated urban water management in content of IWRM, thus, it was also an opportunity to test the development of new knowledge products with the participants

Central Asian Regional Water Network Carawan

Dec, 9-12, 2015

Training for academic staff in Central Asia on updated courses of IWRM


Jun, 6 -8, 2014

Summer School “Methods and Tools for the Assessment and Monitoring of Central Asian Water and Land Resources”

The Summer School introduces innovative methods and tools for the analysis and monitoring of water and land resources in Central Asia. These methods are of great value in a framework of integrated water and land resources management.


May, 12, 2015

National Policy Diaologue on Water in Kazakhstan

Following the request by Kazakhstan in 2010 to initiate an national policy dialogue on water, and preparatory work conducted in 2012, the NPD process started in the country in 2013. The 3rd NPD was conducted by Water Initiatives Center in Astana in 2015


  • (2013) Water resources and water availability in Almaty region». Source: Proceedings of the VIII International Scientific Conference for students and young scholars «Science and education - 2013»
  • (2014) Applying of “Sacramento” conceptual model for Kazakhstan rivers (an example of Kalkutan River) Source: Proceedings of the IX International Scientific Conference for students and young scholars «Science and education - 2014»
  • (2014) IWRM issues in Burabay lake system in Northern Kazakhstan, [First Kazakh Water Forum in German-Kazakh University]

Interests & Hobbies

  • Swimming
  • Latina dancing
  • Reading 
  • Travelling
  • Psychology of relationships


1. Dr. Barbara Janusz-Pawletta

UNESCO Chair Holder on Water resources Management in Central Asia

Tel. +7-727 355 05 51 (ex. 232)
Mobile: +7 (8) 705 90 49 680

E-mail: [email protected]

2. Dr. Serik Akhmetov

Chairman of "Water Initiatives Center" Public Fund

Tel: +7-7172 79 81 96
Mobile: +7 701 795 17 69
             +7 705 517 16 34

E-mail: [email protected]

            [email protected]


I do hereby declare that the information given above is true to the best of my knowledge

Alina Kumeiko


Almaty, Kazakhstan