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A leader in the oil and gas sector, Dr. Ali Ghalambor, Ph.D.,has over 35 years of industrial and academic merits.He has assumed significant engineering and supervisory positions at various companies, including Tenneco Oil Company, Amerada Hess Corporation, and Occidental Research Corporation.He has also provided consultation services to over 50 petroleum production and service companies, government agencies, and international organizations such as the United Nations.During his stint with these companies and organizations, he handled responsibilities related to drilling, completion, and production processes to solve well control and well integrity issues.

Moreover, Dr. Ghalambor is a former American Petroleum Institute Endowed Professor and Head of the Department of Petroleum Engineering at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.At present, he is an associate at Innovative Petrotech Solutions, Inc. (IPS) and is in charge of the firm’s drilling and completion training and consulting responsibilities.


Dr. Ghalambor attained both his bachelor’s (1974) and master’s (1975) degrees in petroleum engineering from the University of Louisiana.He earned his Ph.D. from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in 1980 with the concentration on environmental sciences and engineering under the Department of Mining and Minerals Engineering.


Having been accepted and recognized as an authority in the petroleum circle, Dr. Ghalambor has bagged several awards.Some of which are as follows:

  • Society of Petroleum Engineers - Regional Health Safety and Environment Award, 2008
  • Society of Petroleum Engineers - International Production and Operations Award, 2007
  • Society of Petroleum Engineers - Regional Production and Operations Award, 2007


With the hope of securing teeming productivity for the industry and at the same time educating other engineers, Dr. Ghalambor, helped author and publish several works.Some of his latest outputs include the following:

  1. “A Closed Form Hydraulics Equation for Aerated Mud Drilling in Inclined Wells.”

This 10-page paper, co-authored by B. Guo and K. Sun, was presented at the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) Latin American and Caribbean Petroleum Engineering Conference in 2003.

  2.“A Rigorous Approach to Estimating Permeability from Capillary Pressure Curves.”Published in the Journal of Petroleum Science and Technology, this was co-written by B. Guo and S. Daun in 2003.

  3.“A Study of Relevant Parameters to Predict Sand Production in Gas Wells.”

Published in the SPE Journal of Drilling and Completion, this was written with M. Asadi in 2002.



Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Master of Science

The University of Southwestern Louisiana

Bachelor of Science

The University of Southwestern Louisiana