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To obtain a position in a non-profit organization, where I can utilize my administrative, writing, communications and organizational skills to further the company.

Work experience

Oct 2014May 2015

Float Nurse Technician

Novant Health

Float Nurse Technician at (8 months) I learned an immense amount of how to take care of patients and proper safety protocols within the clinical setting. I was a float tech so I was able to gain experience in every single unit of the hospital during my employment. I felt a deep connection of compassion for each and every one of my patients and loved the opportunity to care for them and learn about nursing.


Assistant To The Senior Accountant

Lessard Design Inc

Assistant to the Senior Accountant at. (less than a year) Temporary position in which I aided the senior accountant with filing and organizing a large amount of files as well as sending out invoices to many of the properties that the company was involved with. I enjoyed this position because it enhanced my ability to recognize patterns within large amounts of information and spot discrepancies easier than I once could.

Jan 2013Oct 2013

Senior agent

Surpass LLC

My responsibilities working with Surpass Communications included utilizing different computer applications to assist and help any customers that called in about their paper subscription. I was trained to work with at least 5 different campaigns that ranged from customer service to retention calls and sales. I advanced fast since starting in January and was a quick learner.

Jan 2007Jan 2008

Sales Associate

Sales Associate at (1 year 1 month) This was my first Job. I learned most of my basic customer service skills while employed with Puma. My duties included helping customers find what they were looking for while also promoting the Puma brand with exceptionalcustomer service skills. While working there I was awarded for my customer service abilities during a secret shopper grading.-Developed a platform of customer service and sales skills that have carried with me into all of my subsequent employments.




Liberty University

Received an introduction to Nursing and healthcare as well as religious studies. Left after 3 semesters to pursue a full time job with Surpass LLC. 


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