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Alicia Roberts

STEM Director K-12 / Instructional Technology


Alicia Roberts is currently the Director of  K-12 Curriculum and STEM at Joy Christian School in Glendale, Arizona. Alicia speaks nationally for Grand Canyon University as a TodaysLearn Specialist where she designs and delivers professional development opportunities constructed to collectively: support the mission and vision of school district goals and objectives; integrate academic standards and the Career and Technical Education(CTE) Standards; and create a student-centered learning environment.

Alicia specializes in the instruction of Project Based Learning, Instructional Technology Integration, and STEM future-focused programs that are geared toward diverse and demanding 21st century schools. Alicia collaborates with leaders in the industry to design curriculum and workshops that provide opportunities to use science, technology, engineering, and math in ways that are real, impactful, and global, that honor passion, and amplify talent. Alicia is endorsed by and piloting new programs for Microsoft, Lifeliqe, Dream Factory and STEM 101.

Alicia has over 25 years of experience in education inclusive of work with the Connecticut Science Center, Temecula Valley School District, Cave Creek Unified School District, Paradise Valley Christian Preparatory, Foothills Academy K12 College Preparatory, Grand Canyon Univeristy and Joy Christian School . Alicia's greatest accomplishments include the innovative design and build-out of five interactive STEM labs for K12 campuses across Arizona. 

Work History


Director of STEM | K12 Curriculum Specialist | Teacher

Joy Christian School

STEM Director, K12 Curriculum Specialist and Teacher

Design and implement innovative and cross-curricular K-12 STEM programs that promote hands-on, minds-on learning environments. Ensure STEM programs are meeting and surpassing the goals of STEM education and its relationship to College and Technical Education (CTE). Develop instructional material, coordinate its implementation with teachers and principals and assess its effectiveness.

Develop productive relationships with principals and teachers. Accurately assess resource needs that will support STEM education. Responsible for the vision, design and build-out of state of the art primary and secondary STEM labs. 


Director of STEM

Foothills Academy College Preparatory

STEM Director, Instructional Technology Specialist and Teacher 

Provided exceptionally strong leadership and oversight for K-12 STEM programs. Ensured STEM programs were meeting and surpassing the goals of STEM education and the relationship to college and career readiness. Developed productive relationships with principals and teachers. Accurately assessed resource needs supportive of STEM education. Secured a $50,000 grants from Kiwanis of Carefree for the design and build-out of state of the art primary and secondary STEAM labs.

Established partnerships with businesses and organizations.  Promoted and increased community awareness of the need for STEM schools and programs. Provided statewide leadership in the development and expansion of STEM opportunities and programs, including policy development. Served as liaison to the Arizona State Board of Education, local universities and other organizations that support STEM education.


Educational Technologist and Curriculum Specialist

Paradise Valley Christian Preparatroy

STEM Coordinator, Instructional Technology Specialist and Teacher - Built interdisciplinary connections across grade levels to organize and embed  STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) units through the successful integration of creative, collaborative and rigor  based activities throughout the K12 experience.

Provided opportunities aligned to specific technologies for the purpose of promoting high-tech learning to ensure students gain the necessary edge to compete and succeed in the global economy.  

Elementary Math Teacher, and Financial Literacy Educator for high school.

Curriculum Specialist responsible for designing curriculum for K12 technology, financial literacy (high school), elementary math and STEM. Provided ongoing refinement and alignment to changes in the development of curriculum throughout the year.

IT Specialist responsible for designing sustainable IT plans and funding for 21st Century classrooms.


TodaysLearn Educational Development & Support

Grand Canyon University

Providing learning and professional growth opportunities for administrators, educators and staff, including professional development, guest lectures, consultations and mentoring. 

Designing workshops that transform teaching using current pedagogies, technology tools and global collaboration to create standards-aligned, technology rich, online, collaborative, cross-cultural learning experiences that enhance 21st century student engagement.


Educational Technologist / Curriculum Specialist

Teach 2 Inspire LLC

Providing curriculum design and STEM support for K12 classrooms using a defined  framework that seeks to capture the essential qualities of knowledge required and perspective for effective technology integration into teaching and learning while addressing the social and connected nature of the changing educational landscape.


Financial Management


Provided premier services and investment guidance to high net worth clients through relationship management and knowledge of the financial markets.


Science Teacher

Cave Creek Unified School District

Educator of middle school students in science.  Developed curriculum and teaching outlines using the district’s adopted course of study and instructional program guidelines. 

Provided professional development to district's: Teaching and Learning Council; Curriculum Development; Professional Teaching Standards/Quality Tools; Science Olympiad; Project ALERT; Increasing Student Responsibility For Learning Through Data Collections



M.A. Curriculum & Instruction

Phoenix University

Masters In Curriculum and Instruction


Teaching Certification

National University

Educational Graduate Studies


Bachelor of Arts

St. Mary's College of California

Diversified Liberal Arts

Certification & Professional Memberships

  • ACSI (Association of Christian Schools International)
  • AZ Department of Education K-8 Certification
  • Essential Elements of Instruction
  • Professional Teaching Standards/Quality Tools
  • Science Olympiad Summer Institute Leadership Program
  • Love & Logic
  • STEM Education Coalition
  • NSTA (National Science Teacher Association)
  • NAGC (National Association for Gifted Children)
  • AzTEA (Arizona Technology in Education Association)

professional leadership & Experience

  • Trainer and Project Manager Teaching & Learning Council - CCUSD
  • Curriculum & Development Coordinator - CCUSD
  • Science Olympiad Instructor/Team Leader
  • Project Manager Ensworth Grant/Science Center of CT
  • Curriculum development & implementation of Criteria for Performance Excellence
  • Professional Teaching Standards/Quality Tools Workshop; Represented CCUSD at National Quality Improvement Conferences; presented Increasing Student Responsibility for Learning Through Data



Discover ways to cultivate a thriving and passionate community of learners  in your classroom, across your campus, and throughout the school district. Alicia's workshops will show you how to spark and sustain energy, excitement, and love of learning through ideas and best practices for planning and implementing a state of the art 21st Century Classroom, where passion meets practice every day. Alicia will customize training to fit your needs as a 2 hour, 6 hour, 3 day or yearlong event.



Looking for ways to enhance your classroom practice with today’s tools? Thinking about integrating the use of student devices in the classroom? Not sure where to start, or what you will need to know? This session will give you information you need to get started! Participants will learn about many of the free applications found on the internet for smartphones, iPads and computers that combined with learned instructional strategies can be an effective teaching and learning tool. Participants will explore apps that encourage critical thinking, collaboration and creativity.


This presentation takes a look at some of the most relevant digital communication web tools that support students and teachers with Common Core State Standards. Come away with a multitude of ideas and resources to successfully implement best practices using digital tools to engage students, increase productivity, and provide an immersive and valid learning experience. The CCSS in English Language Arts/College and Career Readiness Anchor Standards that are addressed include:
Writing Use: technology, including the Internet, to produce and publish writing and to interact and collaborate with others.
Speaking/Listening: Make strategic use of digital media and visual displays of data to express information and enhance understanding of presentations.


The rigor of State and National Standards meets the rigor of Project Based Learning (PBL) in this introduction to PBL workshop. Participants will learn how technology-infused PBL units drive learning and raise studentsʼ level of engagement, authenticity, collaboration, and higher-order thinking, setting your students up to be great problem-solvers and creators in the process. Discover that through the intentional design of PBL units, they not only teach and assess State and National Standards (both ELA and Math), but also naturally lend themselves to the level of learning that the standards promote. Resources for further exploration of PBL will be provided.


Emerging technologies and digital platforms have given us a new frontier on which to assert our right, in the words of the Universal Declaration on Human Rights, “to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.”

While the role of technology is vital, it comes with its own limitations. Learners are unable to take advantage of the unprecedented opportunities afforded to them in the digital age if they are not encouraged to build on to their current literacies and embrace their role as digital citizens.To level the playing field for all, a focus on digital literacy is imperative and is central to the future of every human being.

Digital literacy and critical analysis do not naturally emerge because we put devices in students’ hands or require assignments to be in the form of PowerPoint slideshows and blog posts. Fluency in any language; digital or otherwise, comes from immersion and access to those grounded and fluent in the language. It must be taught explicitly and directly."


It is our responsibility as educators to help today's generation of teachers and students make the "RIGHT" decisions about the technology they use. They must learn to use technology in ways that are real, impactful, global, honoring passion and amplifying talent.

The R.I.G.H.T framework seeks to capture the essential qualities of knowledge required and perspective for effective technology integration into teaching and learning while addressing the social and connected nature of the changing landscape. Alicia will offer examples of current research and practice as well as wider implications for education leaders, teacher professional development and policy.


The potential to develop a worthwhile STEM program is found in a systemic change of adopting inquiry-based, student centered, skill-driven approaches to teaching and learning that are supported in a system that values innovation. This workshop will highlight tiers of adaptation that include instructional  strategies, curriculum design and peer to peer collaboration that target PBL benchmarks inclusive of STEM opportunities.


This one day overview will walk you through what a rigorous curriculum includes, and how curriculum fits perfectly into the “big picture” of standards, assessments, instruction, and data practices.  You will leave with a preview of the step-by-step sequence for first laying a strong curricular foundation and then designing the actual curricular units of study, from start to finish.  The final part of the overview describes how to effectively implement each unit of study in the classroom and instructional program setting.The model defines a rigorous curriculum as “an inclusive set of intentionally aligned components—clear learning outcomes with matching assessments, engaging learning experiences, and instructional strategies—organized into sequenced units of study that serve as both the detailed road map and the high-quality delivery system for ensuring that all students achieve the desired end: the attainment of their designated grade- or course-specific standards within a particular content area.”  The RCD Process is broken down into four parts in which:

Seeing the “Big Picture” connections first
Building the foundation for designing curricular units
Designing the curricular unit of study
Implementing the unit of study



This session will explore web sites and tech tools which support and promote Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) content and the Next Generations Science Standards. Participants will learn about some of the brightest “stars” in this ever-growing list of free applications. Participants will see how online math and science simulations and interactive tools can support instruction while improving student learning. They will also glimpse a few of the best engineering sites for elementary, middle and high school levels. Participants will receive the list of web sites and tech tools introduced in class.


I believe learning is a lifelong journey. I speak, write, and guide organizations to harness the power of collaboration, communication and social technology through  inspiring, uplifting, empowering, and actionable workshops. Here is what participants have to say...

Congratulations. What a great way to get schools, families and students involved with GCU.

Brian Mueller                                                                                                                                                                                     President and Chief Executive Officer                                                                                                                                   Grand Canyon University

I would like to just say a big "thank you" from Sunridge!  This experience has been first class, well-organized, and a pleasure to be a part of.  Your staff has been amazing and wonderfully accommodating.

I personally feel that this PBL experience has energized my love of teaching!  I am encouraged to value discovery and research, rather than "spoon feeding" their day.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Barbara Quiroga                                                                                                                                                                             Sunridge Elementary

At the Science Center, we work with tens of thousands of young people providing hands-on interactive science-relate experiences that promote long-range interest in the various sciences. Alicia has been second to none in her enthusiastic approach to teaching, her initiative in taking on curriculum development responsibilities, and her ability to make the learning experience both fascinating and fun.

Edward J. Forand Jr.                                                                                                                                                                     Operations Director                                                                                                                                                                       Science Center of Connecticut


As an administrator I appreciate the strong child advocate which Mrs. Roberts has become known for at Shepherd of the Desert.  Mrs. Roberts has provided  appropriate  curriculum based material which  supports our students in their academic growth. She has given us interactive classroom activities and new strategies and opportunities for varying academic levels. 

Andy Benscoter                                                                                                                                                                               Principal, Shepherd of the Desert Lutheran School