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Argentina tango, running, piano


I am seeking career opportunity in Biotechnology industry, emphasizing positions relating to research and development, clinical studies, and regulatory affair.


I am currently a graduate student studying biomedical engineering at Purdue University. The main reason to create my personal website now is to promote myself through internet. I hope this will help to let more people, especially potential recruiters and employees to get to know more about me. However, I also welcome any one who shares my experience and passion to my site.


Work experience

Aug 2005Present

Research Assistant

Purdue University

I have developed a computational model that could predict injury location, severity, and pattern in spinal cord with a known mechanical force. Through out the study, I utilize advanced research techniques such as atomic force microscope (AFM) and finite element analysis (FEA) to investigate mechanical properties of spinal cord tissue and neural cell. I also quantify correlation between mechanical trauma (compression, tension, and stretch) and neurological deficits in spinal cord injury with techniques involving mechanical measurement, electrophysiology, and immunohistochemistry


Teaching Assistant

Biomedical Engineering, Purdue University

I supervised undergraduate laboratory sessions in biomechanics and biotransport. Not only I held office hour for students and was responsible for grading, I also resolved any conflicts arise during lab sessions to help students finish the lab safely and successfully

May 2002Aug 2002

English Instructor

Chinatown Manpower Project, Inc.

I taught English to Chinese adult immigrants and designed appropriate lesson plans for adult students. I also performed some administrative work, including organizing enrollment applications and recruited new students, and giving weekly oral report about enrollment and students’ studying progress to the chairma.  Achievements: students’ oral communication skills in English in daily life were significantly improved; student enrollment was increased by more than 50% by the end of summer.


I am Fluent in reading, writing, and speaking Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese).
Argentina Tango
I joined the Purdue Argentina Tango club in 2006. Since then, I have been taking classes from the club to learn to dance Argentina Tango. I am loving it! It is a very elegant and intimate dance. I have attended various workshops to sharpen my skills. In 2007 and 2008, I represented the club to give solo performances in the Global Festival, a local community event that was held every September in West Lafayette, Indiana.
Atomic Force Microscopy
I have been using Veeco BioscopeII AFM to study topography and mechanical properties of neural cells. I am experienced in obtaining clear surface image from live cells in contact and tapping modes in fluid. I can also perform force-deformation test on live cells to study the elastic modulus of various types of neural cells. 
FDA / ISO regulation
I am currently taking a regulatory compliance course about biomedical device in order to prepare myself entering biotechnology industry. I learn the major federal laws and regulations (e.g. FDA and ISO) governing the development, manufacturing, distribution, and marketing of medical devices. I also obtain mentored experience in preparing key regulatory and compliance documents from experienced consultants and industry representatives.
Experimenal design
Since becoming a graduate student, I have learned to properly design experiments for every project I am assigned to. I would plan every step of my experiment, such as the number of samples used, time needed to be spent for each experiment, necessary chemicals and materials, and appropriate tools (e.g. microscopes). For every project that I have done, I would always plan the experiment based on the goal to product effective data for journal publication. I have successfully published 7 articles in peer review international journals, with 2 of them me being the first author.

My Journal Publications

My Tango Performances