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Alibi Ghazi

Web developer at Cazus

  • Maknassy Sidi bouzid
  • 20677782


  1.     My name is Alibi Ghazi and I’m a Software Developer enthusiast by computer programming in general and more concrete about Web and Android developement.
  2.     I work as a software developer for about 2 years with great tecnologies such as Node.JS, AngularJS, ExpressJS, PHP, Laravel, MySQL, Linux, Apache, JavaScript, CSS3, HTML5, among others. Working specially to web-based applications.
  3.     When I have some free time and useful ideas I develop my own projects or articles about tecnical subjects.

Work History


Front end development with Angular 2

Github repository:

Using typescript, gulp and material 2 to build frontend apps.


Web developer at Cazus


Projects that i  helped to accomplish :

 - ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

- CMS (Content Management System)

- WebMail app



High Institute of Technology in Telecommunications (ISET’COM)


Baccalaureate Computer Science