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In a journey to be a data engineer, conquering open world problems. A passionate individual who enjoys solving complex problems, always looking at the big picture and breaking it down. Using data, Ali excels at areas like finding issues and coming up with solutions, bringing new ideas to the table and optimizing performance and experience. Indulged in many cultural activities, he realizes how innovation can change the way we work and operate. 

Work History


Computer Operating System Specialist

Saudi Aramco
  • Project management for new products deployment. 
  • Lead the first Big Data environment in the company.
  • Develop solutions to enhance the effectiveness of production systems based on analyzing data using shell scripting. e.g. a script to update software that saves around quarter a million of dollars annualy.
  • Lead teams of 5+ indiviudals of quality control and efficiency measures. 
  • Coordinate work between 3+ departments of hundreds of employees.
  • Work on technologies like VMware Horizon, VMware vSphere, Hadoop, NetApp ONTAP, PowerShell, Unix Shell, PowerShell, Red Hat Linux, SAP ERP Administration, Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle databases.

User Experience Designer

  • Created personas, especially Middle Eastern ones, which the industry lacked. 
  • Developed a data lake of Saudi users behavior by mining twitter data.
  • Conducted data-centric usability testing for customers.
  • Developed content and information architecture for formal and informal contexts.
  • Used Balsamiq, Sketch, Adobe Photoshop, CSS, HTML, JavaScript,  UserTesting, Optimizely, Crazyegg, KISSmetrics and Google Analytics. 



Bachelors of Software Engineering

King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals
  • Graduated with the third distinction. 
  • Lead and co-founded TechBench, the biggest university IT club in Saudi Arabia. 
  • Proved excellency at calculus, web development and project management.
  • Developed an undergraduate academic planner on ASP, JavaScript and SASS.
  • Worked on projects that have the following technologies involved: Java, Python, Ruby on Sinatra, MySQL, SQLite, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ASP .NET.

Personality Skills

  • Experience in working with diverse environments. 
  • People-oriented, enjoys working with others and socializing.
  • Flexible, ability to adapt to any working environment. 
  • Solving complex issues and breaking them down. 
  • Innovating solutions to targets goals of the organization.