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Work experience

Accident and Emergency Senior House Officer (SHO)


Doctor (Medical aesthetic specialist/cosmetic medical doctor)

Dr Aliaa Gaber



Alexandria University Hospital


Dr. Aliaa Gaber is a professional in the emergency medical field and a specialist in cosmetic and aesthetic medical practices. She is certified and licensed as an MBBcH, a degree that she studied for in Egypt. Today she works out of her offices in London, located in on Edgware Road and Knightsbridge and she has a mobile business that visits clients in their homes or hotels. She is fluent in the Arabic language and especially caters to the Middle Eastern population living in London. When she isn't working she finds time to encourage disadvantaged youth at local schools by speaking with them and helping them through difficult situations.  She also enjoys swimming, fast cars and sailing.

Medical Education

As a UK native of West London, Dr. Aliaa Gaber began her basic studies in the London area. After being accepted to the Alexandria University Hospital’s medical program, she moved to Alexandria, Egypt in 1999 where she studied every aspect of medicine and surgery as she gained valuable experience working in the hospital. She developed a strong passion for medicine that remains till this day as she continues her studies in aesthetics and cosmetic medicine. She regularly attends area medical conferences and enrolls in courses and educational seminars that allow her to follow the new advances in medicine that keeps her medical knowledge up to date. In 2005, when she was finished with her studies and had earned her medical degree, she returned to her native UK to begin work.

Early Career as a Medical Professional

In London, Dr. Aliaa Gaber took a job in emergency medicine, a field that excites her. She was named the Senior House Officer in the Accident and Emergency department at NHS, where she was given multiple responsibilities for patient care, as some 70% of the hospital’s patients come in through the emergency medical department. She found great satisfaction in that job, because she enjoys a very fast-paced atmosphere where she must analyse the patient’s condition quickly and make immediate and accurate decisions that can mean life or death for the patient. Calling herself an “adrenaline addict”, she thrives in a busy and fast moving situation where she must remain alert at all times. As she was working in emergency medicine, she became interested in cosmetic, or aesthetic medicine and began taking classes to become licensed and accredited in that field as well as current studies in dermatology.

New Advances in Aesthetic Medicine

Dr. Aliaa Gaber enjoys the combination of art and science that she finds valuable in cosmetic medicine. She takes all of her medical knowledge and through her highly skilled hands, can apply them to her patient in the most aesthetic and beautiful way in order to give them a younger looking appearance. It is a proven fact that aesthetics play an important part in the mental and emotional aspect of people and by using her medical skills she aims to increase the self-confidence of her clients by making physical changes that directly relate to their emotional health and well being. She is skilled in fillers, microdermabrasion, AQ products, Obaji, skin rejuvenation techniques, mesotherapy, lip enhancements and botox. She uses these procedures in various combinations to  treat patients who are suffering from hair loss, unbalanced skin tones, excess bodily fat, cellulite, unpleasant smile lines, wrinkles, sun sots, pigmentation abnormalities, acne scars and acne. As to her method of treatment, she tends to lean towards the “baby botox” appearance, which is subtle and results in a natural look.


Aesthetic Medicine, Cosmetic Medicine, Dermatology, Beauty, Fashion, Non-surgical Procedures, Swimming