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Personal info.

  • Birth Date             : 11/ 1993                                  
  • marital status       :  Married                 
  • Location                : Amman /Jordan
  • Known Language : Arabic , English


    Secondary school passed in both scientific and industrial steams

    • 87.4% GPA / 95.4 respectively  

    Work History


    Electrical Inspection (Reliability) Engineer : 

    _Manaseer Cement Plant / MCM.
    • Responsible for establishing inspection route for MCM plant, with specific frequency for each equipment, and follow its performance in the site by build related specific and first level inspection Job plans, cover all equipments, as a part of inspection section and preventive maintenance department.

    University Training :

    _ Al Hussein thermal power plant
    • General training about high voltage cables, insulation materials, power transformers and electrical power protection.


    Technical Skills :
    • Knowledge in: Motors, VFDs, MCCs, Classic control, Switchgears, Protection equipments, Electrical installation, Transformers, Industrial instrumentation, Local panels, Power equipments inspection and test methods, Basic knowledge in vibration analyzing, bearings inspection and alignment, Inspection and maintenance programs preparation, reporting and coordination, Technical support for planning section.
    Software Skills :

    good knowledge in

    • MS office
    • MS project
    • Mat lab
    Work Skills :
    •  Good knowledge in safety procedures     (Energy isolation, work at height, confined spaces....etc).
    •  Fast learning.
    •  Team Work.