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Work experience

Layer Model, Tcp/ip

Data Center Maintenance
Server Administration, Network: Hardware RAID & Firmware Updation. RHEL 6. x, CentOS 6. x, Ubuntu 13+, Linux Mint, HP Unix & Solaris. Linux Servers with LAMP, Apache Tomcat Java Servers with MySQL. LDAP, NIS, Samba, FTP, NFS, DNS, DHCP, HTTP. Management of NAS Storage with Unisphere of EMC2 Clariion. Network Administration: Knowledge of OSI 7 Layer Model, TCP/IP. Setup and basic configuration of Cisco LAN switches and routers. Setting up Serial and Ethernet Interfaces. IP addresses, subnets & various routing models. Routing Protocols: OSPF, EIGRP, IGRP, RIP and RIPv2 and Configurations. Switching, Standard or Extended Access-list and Vlans Inter-VLAN Routing configurations.
May 2014Present

It Engineer

Cezen Technologies Pvt Ltd.
CLIENT: GTRE- — DRDO, Bangalore. IT Engineer Address: 13th C Cross Rd, Kaggadasapura, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560093, Website:
Apr 2012Present

Experience With Network Administrator

Asitatwa Software Technologies Pvt
Experience with Network Administrator. Knowledge with Routers, Switches and its configurations. OS: RHEL6. x/7, CentOS 6. x/7, Ubuntu, Fedora 20, Windows 2008 & 8.1. Upgrading Firmware, Server Install, Update, Upgrade patching and Kick-start. Network Services: SSH, FTP, RSync, Samba, NFS, DNS, DHCP. etc. System Services & Security: Cron, Iptables, Selinux & TCP Wrappers. Hardware & Software RAID(0,1, 5,0 +1,1+0), and LVM. Knowledge with Storage: NAS, SAN. Experience with LAMP(Linux Apache MySQL PHP) & Apache Tomcat Java Server. Backup and restore server essentials and databases Squid(Proxy) Server & SVN(Subversion) Servers. Mail services: Qmail and correspondences like sendmail & postfix. Cluster experience in Red Hat Cluster Suit. Basic Knowledge in C/C++, Bash, Perl, Python languages and scripts. Basic Knowledge of VMware, ESXi, Vsphere. QUALIFICATIONS & COURSES
Apr 2004Present

CIT of C-DIT Under Govt

CIT of C-DIT Under Govt
of Kerala. Reg.No: [email protected] CCNA(Cisco Certified Network Associate) completed, not certified.
Oct 2013Apr 2014

Linux Server Administrator

Altoopa Consulting.
— Linux Server Administrator
Oct 2012Jan 2013

Linux Server Administrator

Spectrum Soft
tech Solutions Pvt Ltd. — Linux Server Administrator(OJT)
Feb 2011Sep 2012

Linux System Administrator

Asitatwa Software Technologies Pvt
responder, Mailing list(ezmlm) Qmailadmin, vqadmin, courier authlib, Squirrel mail, Spam assassin, Clam AV, QmailScanner, TNEF, Maildrop package and Server Side Email-Filters.. Ltd — Linux System Administrator Address: Xavier Arakkal Rd, Ayyappankavu, Kochi, Kerala 682018 Website: