Work experience

Work experience


Mar 2015 - Oct 2015

Lead Developer

  • In-house Developer and main goto guy regarding all tech support / internal development within Castleford.
  • Work with clients and offshore teams on a daily basis regarding; programmatic integration of XML-based products on to client websites; website migrations or rebuilds; adding a blog / website to client architecture; triage tech support issues.
  • Support and learn a variety of different platforms, in an effort to educate, assist and integrate with whatever platform clients are using.
  • Develop websites using all of the following methodologies languages: php, mysql, Jquery, Javascript, AJAX, HTML, CSS, using localhost or Apache server. 
  • Integrate product onto client sites with ease on all platforms with the ability to take initiative and think forward. 
  • Work with Content Management Strategists /  Designers on a daily basis to solve complex human computer issues that exist, in order to provide solutions that are effective, robust with an eye on future proof design. 
  • Streamlined deployment process by developing continuous integration tools.



University of Auckland

Feb 2012 - Jun 2015

Bachelor of Computer Science

  • During my time at the University of Auckland the biggest life skill I learnt was the ability to think on my own and create solutions to complex problems. I have had mentors who have taken their time to help me become the person I am. I am able to use as many tools as possible in order to make life simpler for others and contribute towards the advancement of technology within society.  

  • I have also been the recipient/member the following skills/clubs:
  • Microsoft Development Bootcamp participant 
  • Member of 2012 CS Development club @ UOA  
  • Microsoft Development Bootcamp participant
  • Cisco qualification CCNAv1 qualification achieved
  • Minor in Information Systems


Talented Developer with BsC degree in Computational science with a specialty in web development possessing a strong educational background in programming. Experience using cutting edge development tools. Demonstrated work experience that gives me the ability to utilize strong analytical skills, attention to detail, and hard work ethics to turn complex business problems into working solutions. Productive in both team environment and self-managed projects; dedicated to maintaining up-to-date industry knowledge and IT skills.



Server-side Development 

  • Client-side Development
    • Ability to use; XML, HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, JQUERY, in order to create rich user interfaces. Ability to handle XML and JSON data and work with APIs
    Server-side Development 
    • Ability to code in PHP, .NET and be able to work with the following types of servers: Apache, IIS, Linux, Windows Server using FTP applications, Able to use PHPmyAdmin in order to administrate server side tasks.
    • Also able to run applications using MAMP, XAMP, APACHE, and TOMCAT, servers in order to test and configure enterprise applications and query servers using PHP.
    Database Development
    • Knowledge in the following: Microsoft SQL server, MySQL, ODATA,
    General skills
    • Advanced problem solving skills
    • Advanced knowledge of PHP and Content Management Systems 
    • Ability to solve complex human-computer interaction issues that exist
    •  Web Integration specialist - able to integrate using different platforms

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