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I am a Software engineer with +8 years of experience in software development. I Adept at overseeing all phases of software development life-cycle, from design and documentation to implementation. Partner with developers, analysts, QA and support engineers throughout the product life-cycle to produce high-quality, user-friendly, scale-able and bug-free software. Outstanding technical skills; able to quickly learn new concepts and technologies. I can be Strong team leader with extensive background managing and training junior employees.


Software Engineering Skills
  • Solutions Engineering, Testing & Optimization
  • SDLC Strategy, Planning & Leadership
  • Object-Oriented Methodologies
  • Web,Desktop and Embedded designing and Programming
  • Payment Solution Making
  • Database
  • Image Processing
  • Machine Learning
  • Data Mining
  • Agile (scrum)
  • RUP
  • DevOps
  • V-Model
Programming Languages

Strong: C#, C++,ASP.NET, Delphi, Matlab

  • Multi Threading, Socket Programming,  WCF, WPF, Web Services, MVC, MCSD(2012),...

Familiar: Python, Java, Android

  • Microsoft SQL  Server
  • Oracle RDBMS
  • Sqlite, MySQL, Berkley DB
Speaking Languages
  • Persian(Native)
  • Kurdish(Native)
  • English (Fluent)

Work experience


Senior Developer

Saman Electronic Payment (SEP)
  • I am designing and developing some applications for two brands of POS  devices (VeriFone, PAX).
  • I am designing and developing Win/Web Applications to create some types of relations between POS and PC or ECR.
  • R&D about making payment & banking solutions.
  • I am writing some Applets for SAM modules(JAVA CARD ) for some Payments such as Mifare Cards
  • I achieves a lot of Experience about the payment systems, banking operations and Switches and EMV Cards.

Senior Developer

  • I was in Railway Interlocking Project as a Modeler and Programmer. 
  • I was Designing and developing an I/O subsystem of the Interlocking project from first.
  • I was using of  the IBM Doors , IBM Rhapsody(the Harmony Method) for phases of Analyze and Design. and I was implementing it by eClips (with diab C++ Compiler) workbench for VxWorks targets.
  • I was designing device`s Simulators by using of MFC/C#.
  • I achieves a lot of Experience about V-Model, software's Modeling, the Real Time Systems, VxWorks OS and Interlocking Systems.

Implementation Expert

Green Science (SGI)
  • I implemented some image processing algorithms from MATLAB to C++ and creates some SDK`s.
  • I wrote some Applications by C++/MFC and C#
  • I designed a big database via Oracle(11g) RDBMS
  • I achieves a lot Experience about The Algorithms(Recognition, Data Mining, steganography)
  • I achieves a lot Experience about The image & signal processing Frameworks such as OpenCv and CxImage in C++.
  • I achieves a lot experience about Service base's software's designing ,Oracle RDBMS

Web developer


I wrote a web application with ASP.Net  about the insurance industry

I was in a Software`s a team to implement an automation software.

I achieves a lot experience about Service base's software's designing ,MS SQL Server, VS,C#(web, Desktop, LINQ,..)



Master of Artificial Intelligence

Qazvin Islamic Azad University (QIAU)

I defended my thesis about "Determining the compatibility of Head Yaw with ICAO Standard using deep learning approach".

My thesis has some contributes with Image Processing, Machine Learning, Tensor Flow, Open-CV, C++, python and Linux(Ubuntu).


B.Sc. Software Engineering

University of Applied Sciences

For the thesis I designed and implemented a specific software for an industrial company by Delphi 2009 and MS SQL Server. that was my first commercial product.

Interested in

I'm Interested in: Software Architecting, Programming, Data mining, Reading, Music, Hiking, Traveling, Charity, Writing Short Stories, French language and Germany language Learning.