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I am a software engineer with 10+ years of experience in software development. I am very adept at overseeing all phases of the software development lifecycle, from design and documentation to implementation. As a professional developer I collaborate with other developers, analysts, QA and support engineers throughout the product lifecycle in order to deal with bugs and ensure the level of quality, scalability and user friendliness expected from the product. With outstanding technical skills and the ability to learn new technology, I can be a strong addition to any software development team and a great mentor for junior developers, considering the many years of experience I have helping numerous junior developers in the workplace.


Software Engineering Skills
  • Solutions Engineering, Testing & Optimization
  • SDLC Strategy, Planning & Leadership
  • Object-Oriented Methodologies
  • Service Oriented Architecture
  • Web,Desktop and Embedded designing and Programming
  • Database, Big data and BI
  • Image Processing
  • Machine Learning
  • Agile (scrum), RUP, V-Model
Programming Languages

Strong: C++, C#, ASP.NET, Java, Matlab

  • Embedded, Multi Threading, Socket Programming,  WCF, WPF, Web Services, MVC, WPF and MVVM, MCSD(2015),Marshaling, Image Processing, Windows Services, SignalR...

Familiar: Hadoop, Spark, Python,R, Android, Visual Basic, Delphi

  • Microsoft Windows, Linux(Ubuntu), VxWorks
  • Microsoft Visual Studio, Eclipse
  • IBM (Rhapsody), IBM(Doors), Rational Rose, Microsoft office
  • TFS, SVN
  • Microsoft SQL  Server
  • Oracle RDBMS (11g)
  • Sqlite, MySQL, Berkley DB
Speaking Languages
  • Persian(Native), Kurdish(Native), English (Fluent)

Work experience


Senior Developer

Saman Electronic Payment (SEP)
  • I am designing and developing applications for some brands of POS  devices (VeriFone, Ingenico, NewLand and PAX).
  • I am a Senior solution maker in PC-POS payment services who designing and developing different protocols and Applications(Win/Web) to handle some types of connections between POS and PC or between POS and ECR to do kinds of payments. Also I have been to generating some SDKs as a third party for customers in C#(win/web), C++, Delphi(6,7,2007 and XE) and also VB6.
  • R&D about the novel payment`s solutions.
  • I am writing some applets for SAM modules(JAVA CARD ) for some payments such as Mifare Cards
  • I have gained a lot of experience about the Embedded software, payment systems, banking operations and Switches and EMV Cards and ISO8583.

Senior Developer

  • I was involved  in a Railway Interlocking project as a modeler and programmer which Designed and developed an I/O subsystem of the big Interlocking system. This subsystem was responsible to check others device`s healthy and report to the main system. Also transferring command between the Main system and devices in the Station was the another major function for I/O subsystem. We used TCP/IP protocol to make connections between  CAN boards and I/O. every Can board was connected to a spacial device such as Machine Point. It is obvious, This subsystem had a great logger except reporter. we logged and save our configuration with Berkeley DB.
  • I was collaborating with IC & Board designers.
  • we were flowing En50128 and En50129 standards.
  • I was using of  the IBM Doors , IBM Rhapsody(the Harmony Method) in analyze and design phases and implementing with eclipse (diab C++ compiler) workbench for VxWorks targets.
  • I designed and wrote a  device Simulator in MFC/C#.
  • I have gained a lot of experiences about V-Model, software's Modeling, the Real Time Systems, Safety, Embedded Software, VxWorks OS and Interlocking Systems.

Implementation Expert

Green Science (SGI)
  • I implemented some image processing algorithms from MATLAB to C++ and made some SDKs.
    • Face Recognition Engine: I was involved in  two implementation phases of this project. First I was implementing its algorithm from MATLAB to C++ for generating a SDK  and the Second part was implementing an application in .Net which be able to use the SDK. in detail this application gets  face images and then extracts some features and save them in database as  templates. The other major  ability was getting images from surveillance cameras, grabbing frames from videos and extracting  faces for recognition in already enrolled database. I was involved to design a database for this application in Oracle 11g. in this project  I have gained a lots of experience about service based softwaresdesigning and also Oracle RDBMS, and PL/SQL.
    • Logo Detection: this project was my first image processing experience. its application was about categorizing letters based on theirs logos. I was involved in one implementation phases of this project which was implementing its algorithm from MATLAB to C++ and generating a SDK for .Net.
  • I developed some applications by C++/MFC and C# in steganography  area.
  • I designed a big database via Oracle(11g) RDBMS.
  • I have gained experience about algorithms and Machine Learning.
  • I have gained experience about image & signal processing frameworks such as OpenCv in C++.

Web developer


I was involved dedicated to generate a web application in ASP.Net  for an insurance industry for about 6 months. I was in a professional software  team for implementing an automation software.I have achieved a lot of experiences about Team Working, Service based software designing ,MS SQL Server,How to write complex queries with the best performance, VS, C#(web, Desktop, LINQ,EF..).



Master of Artificial Intelligence

Qazvin Islamic Azad University (QIAU)

I defended my thesis in Feb,2017,  about "Determining the compatibility of Head Yaw with ISO-19794 (ICAO) standard using deep learning approach" which has some contributes with Image processing, Machine learning, Tensor-flow, Open-CV, C++, Python and Linux(Ubuntu), the thesis supervisor was Prof. Mohammad-Shahram Moin.

I have studied Decision support system (I take 17.5), Evolution algorithm(15), Data mining(15), Multi agent system(free listener), Seminar research(17.5), Neural networks(15), Fuzzy systems(16.5), Pattern recognition(15), machine vision(16),Voice recognition(14), Software Engineering(free listener), Thesis (18).

Note: This course changed the way I observed the world I live in. I learned how to view my surroundings in order to understand its hidden features. I learned that the world has great dimensions. If I'm eager to analyze a certain behavior, I should know first that making judgements is really hard and always relative.


B.Sc. Software Engineering

University of Applied Sciences

For the thesis I analyzed, designed and implemented a specific software for an dairy industrial company. I produced that via Delphi and MS SQL Server which was my first commercial product.

I studied Software Engineering, Algorithm Designing, OOP, Formal Languages and Automata, Network, ... I have gained deep knowledge about computer software, programming and network.



Determining the compatibility of Head Yaw with ISO-19794 (ICAO) standard using deep learning approach


Face images are widely used in authentication documents to recognize individuals. Face quality assessment can be used to enhance the efficiency of face recognition algorithms. One of the most important challenges in the design of face image quality algorithms is the measurement of parameters such as darkness, light conditions, head position and facial expressions. In recent years, traditional identity documents have been replaced by electronic documents with biometrics traits. International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) has imposed some requirements for face image features, according to them any image used for biometric applications should be conform to these requirements. In this research, a model has been developed to measure the match between orientation of the head rotation around the vertical axis (Yaw), which is one of the requirements of ICAO (ISO / IEC19794 -11). The basis of our work is the use of convolutional algorithms and supervised learning in the field of deep learning methods. Using the reconfiguration of VGG-Face deep learning network and a combination of different databases, we have trained the deep learning model. Then, to compare the proposed method with the results of other articles, we tested the learned network on the PIE database and accurately identified 96.5% of the correct diagnosis. Finally, in order to test the genericity of the proposed method, we tested it on the CSIE Robotic database, where we obtained an accuracy of 97.8%.

under submission

Interested in

Interested in: Software (analyzing, architecting and designing), Programming, Data mining, Art, Reading, Cultures, Photographic, Music, Hiking and Climbing(I have the certificate for Climbing Mount Damavand Iran), Traveling, Charity, Writing Short Stories, languages.

About me

I am Ali Ahmadvand and was born in 1984 and grew up in a village in Hamedan province in Iran. Life made me a tenacious individual and  worked hard for everything I have. And I'm making progress as far as humanity, life and my skills in life are concerned. I'm looking for a job and want to immigrate. I would appreciate, if you regard to my resume.