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Algonquin is a Canadian institution of higher learning. Introduced in 1981, the college offers training programs tailored to meet the specific needs of the Canadian market as well the international environment. The privately owned college has two campuses, one in Mississauga and the other in Ottawa. Both these venues cater for the local crowd but also stretch their admissions to factor in international students. At Algonquin, which is privately owned, all courses are tailored to meet both local and international accreditation requirements.

The college has a range of programs available to students, including courses in areas such business, tourism, law and health. To obtain admission into these areas, students need to meet a particular set of conditions, all determined by the various departments. In addition to that, the student is required to be motivated and passion in courses of choice, as this is seen as an important tenet of success in the career world.

Algonquin Careers Academy
1830 Bank Street
Ottawa, ON K1V 7Y6
Tel: (613) 722-7811