Enterprising, innovative Technology Executive with extensive experience leading high-visibility, mission-critical areas for notable organizations within the Technology, Oil & Gas, and Higher Education industries. Brings significant insight and knowledge of IT-driven processes, platforms, and methodologies, including ITIL. Natural leader, recognized for ability to energize and motivate team and drive for results. Exceptional interpersonal and communication skills allow engaging and managing executive-level relationships with internal and external customers. Stays calm and collected in times of extreme pressure.

Work experience

Work experience
Nov 2006 - Present

interim CIO

King Abdullah University of Science & Technology
21st-century Research University and the second largest endowed university in the world, slated to open September 2009 - Serve as key member of executive founding team establishing King Abdullah University of Science & Technology. - Implemented “Shaheen,” the sixth-largest supercomputer in the world with an architecture of 65,536 processor cores delivering 222 trillion floating-point operations per second. - Developed a next-generation research library with self-checkout systems via RFID as well as a large digital and physical collection development for KAUST researchers. - Spearheaded the world’s most advanced 3D scientific modeling and visualization research center development including an advanced high-immersive system called “Cornea.” - Deliver entire IT infrastructure including communications, IT services and automation in compliance with academic and research computing requirements. - Develop IT processes, policies and procedures in accordance with ITIL standards to enable efficient and effective technological operations. - Design IT strategy and recommend structure that enables objectives. - Establish performance metrics including KPIs and SLAs. - Convened the KAUST Information Technology Summit in 2007 to explore critical role of IT in the formation of a next generation research university. - Deliver complete IT services including back-office application and ERP with SAP as well as the academic applications. - Facilitate the collection of requirements from various business owners. - Establish relationships with key vendors and manage contract negotiations. - Benchmark data against similar institutions to verify approaches. - Leverage Apple hardware for three operating systems (Windows, Mac OS, and Linux) to reduce total cost of ownership. - Established key partnerships with IBM, UCSD, and others for acquisition of advanced hardware to ensure acceleration, adoption, and acclimation of platforms.
Nov 2009 - Present

Vice President Technical Services

Aramco Services Company

Vice President and Board member of Aramco Services Company.  Majid is leading a large team based in North America that provides engineering, information technology, quality management, project support, environmental services, and research and development support to Saudi Aramco, ASC and its affiliates.

Mar 2005 - Oct 2006

Division Head (Data Network Engineering Division)

Information Technology/Saudi Aramco
Fully integrated international petroleum company with the world's largest oil reserves. - Led 70 highly qualified engineers and contractors charged with network infrastructure and performance, leveraging an annual budget of $45 million. - Ensured the global connectivity of domestic and international operations. - Delivered triple play services (voice/data/video) over deterministic IP networks, ensuring mobility and sound implementation of connective physical media. - Designed and deployed the connectivity of mission-critical applications and command and control data of Saudi Aramco and its subsidiaries and affiliates. - Fostered the professional development of team members by encouraging the acquisition of graduate university degrees and industry certifications.
2004 - 2005

Special Assignment

Caspian Networks
- Evaluated advanced technology being developed by a startup company founded by Dr. Larry Roberts, a noted Internet founder and pioneer. - Investigated custom software and hardware being created via an advanced ASIC developed by IBM for Caspian Networks to facilitate flow-based routing. - Contributed to the development and implementation of key system features that impacted enhanced hardware acceleration. - Represented Saudi Aramco in a Microsoft CIO Summit held for 35 CIOs from around the world attending an executive retreat with Microsoft executives including CEO Bill Gates.
2002 - 2004

Supervisor – Wide Area Network Engineering Group

Saudi Aramco
- Directed 30 communications engineers with an annual budget of $20 million. - Enhancing overall response time and performance by reducing network latency through consolidation of Cisco routers from 500+ to 150 nodes. - Migrated global network from a proprietary routing protocol (EIGRP) to an open communications standard (OSPF). - Authored and implemented network addressing schemes for global network. - Integrated dialup access for 50,000 employees requiring remote connectivity.
2000 - 2002

Supervisor – Communications Protection Group

Saudi Aramco
- Founded a team of 20 communication engineers to fulfill an executive directive that required the redesign of an existent fragmentary security model applied across a large enterprise infrastructure. - Completed in-depth security assessment of global communications infrastructure and delivered a detailed report with recommendations to executive management. - Modified network change process to account for security concerns as a critical prerequisite to change implementation. - Centralized logging of devices to allow for forensics capability from multiple platforms and communications devices.


1994 - 1996

Bachlor of Science

University of the Pacific
Outstanding Graduating Senior Award recipient from the Department of Computer Science.
1992 - 1994

Texas A&M University
Spent my freshmen year at the Dwight Look College of Engineering at Texas A&M with focus to develop and meet the future technological challenges in the field of computing.