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I'm someone who seeks to fuse communication and gastronomy.

In my 26 years I have studied and practiced different careers, one of the first is the cuisine, which in recent years has allowed me to develop as a chef, gaining much knowledge in this field.

For four years I worked in restaurants and hotels, practicing and learning new techniques in the kitchen.

Such has been the taste for it, I decided to pass on my knowledge and experience to young and so exploit their talents.

I was always linked with the kitchen since childhood, but "photography" has always been part of my life, from this I decided to follow my studies focused on communications and journalism. Over the last 2 years, journalism has come to change my thinking, acquiring cultural knowledge, social, psychological, economic, political, etc..

I will keep studying and doing what I like ... "Communicating with flavor"

Work experience

Chef Master

Instituto Técnico de Capacitación y Productividad
Mar 2011Present

Cook master

Instituto Técnico de Capacitación y Productividad



Feb 2010Present

Fifth semester (technical)

Universidad Mariano Gálvez de Guatemala