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Alfred Freddy Krupa

Contemporary "listed" artist


Alfred (Freddy) Krupa (Kruppa) (1971--) GCCR FRSA K.M.V.D.E.M.B. 

Member of The European Academy of Arts-France/L’ACADEMIE EUROPEENNE DES ARTS-FRANCE (AEAF)

Fmr Visiting Professor at the University of Zagreb

Fmr Guest Lecturer at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb (ALU)

Hon.Prof. in Fine Arts at the Carlos Albizu University Miami Campus


the Kassel documenta (,

the Getty ULAN,

the Allgemeine Kunstlerlexikon (Artists of the World),

the Whos Who in American Art 36th/current edition,

the Arte Al Limite 38th edition,

the Institute for Modern Art in Nurnberg (,

the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts (Dpt. Prints and Drawings),

the Deutsche Fotothek in Dresden,

the Central Institute for Art History in Munich,

the MoMA/FF/Pratt Institute Artists Book Collection (not online),

plus listed in the art libraries of

the TATE in London,

the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York,

the Art Institute of Chicago,

the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb (MSU),

the Library of Congress in Washington,

the Harvard University,

the Princeton University,

the Zurich University,

the Zagreb University,

the Rijeka University,

the Split University,

the Osijek University


the Zagrebački likovni umjetnici/The Zagreb Fine Artists portal


the Choses a Savoir ART (podcast - Things to Know /about/ ART),


the Galerija Remek-djela (the Gallery of Masterpieces),




Alfred Krupa was born on 14th June 1971 in Karlovac, Yugoslavia/Croatia. Father Mladen Krupa M.Sc and Đurđica Krupa. Raised in house of his mentor and grandfather Alfred Joseph Kruppa aka Alfred Krupa prof. MFA most famous Silesian (Oberschlesien) painter in Yugoslawia and one of the 13 core artists of the “art of the Croatian antifascist movement”.

Graduated (MFA, in 1995 at the Academy of Fine Arts, University of Zagreb (est. 1907 as the Royal College for Arts and Crafts, in Croatian: Kraljevsko zemaljsko više obrazovalište za umjetnost i umjetni obrt). Krupa also studied Art History at the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Philosophy (1997/1998) and in 1998/99 as the postgraduate research student at the Tokyo Gakugei University (東京学芸大学) or Gakudai (学大) as the very first artist awarded with the Japanese Government Scholarship (Monbusho). Both non-degree. In 2005 Krupa finished additional art education study and has been given formal permanent title of "Professor of Drawing and Painting" by the Croatian State Institute for Education (today "Education and Teacher Training Agency"- ETTA/AZOO)

On 29th of April 2002 was elected as a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (RSA).

In 2016 has been given the rank of the Honorary Academician of Social Sciences (and Humanities) by the group of university professors and scholars around the world, since 2008 gathered into the International Academy of Social Sciences (IASS, originally the Guild of Independent Scholars) - a Non-Profit Organization (NGO) registered in Florida, Texas, and Costa Rica.

Fragments of Krupas work has been featured by the art magazines Adore Noir, Revolutionart (no.37 and 39) and Arte Al Limite (no.38), as well as in the 36th edition of "Whos Who in American Art".

In 2014 publisher ITG-Zagreb released art monograph with the international impressum (Croatia, USA, Austria, Japan) - "Alfred Freddy Krupa".

Married since 1999, and father of two children: Gabriel Alfred Krupa (1999) and Eleonora Krupa (2005).

As visible at the Google Traffic there is the same or very similar interest of the people worldwide in last 5 years for the Alfred Krupas artworks like for the artworks of the many prominent artistslik Stano Filko (30 539 USD), Zdenek Sykora (271 040 USD), Carolus Pallya (5 393 USD), Antonio Murado (7 921 USD), Jonathan Monk (31 250 USD), Karel Malich (68 055 USD), Otakar Lebeda (32 793 USD), Robert Indermaur (15 072 USD), Friedrich Horner (14 717 USD), Edmund Harburger (6 268 USD) etc.

Currently highest price at the direct sale: 6000 USD (in 2013). Previous highest direct sale: 1600 USD (in 1996).

According to the Badan Rynkowych Institute (Warsaw) survey report from 2007 (Opinie internautów o Muzeum Sztuki Nowoczesnej w Warszawie, nagrodzonym projekcie budynku i wirtualnym Forum sztuki),  Alfred Krupa appears among 70 most wanted currently working/creating artists in the future collections of the Museum of Modern Art, Warsaw (MSN).


 COLLECTIONS (selection) / ZBIRKE (odabir)

Ujedinjeno kraljevstvo/United Kingdom

TATE Britain, London, UK:

  1. Library Special Collection (drawing)
  2. General Library Collection (artists book)


Stadtsparkasse München/ Gradska štedionica u Münchenu/City Savings Bank Munich, München, Germany

Stadtverwaltung/Gradsko vijeće/City Council Munich, München, Germany


Inkijkmuseum, Eindhoven, Holland


Šleski muzej u Katowicama/Silesian Museum in Katowice, Katowice, Poland


Hrvatska akademija znanosti i umjetnosti – Kabinet grafike/Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts – Dept. of Prints and Drawings, Zagreb, Croatia

Moderna galerija/Modern Gallery, Zagreb, Croatia

Muzej suvremene umjetnosti (MSU)/Museum of Contemporary Art-Collection RARA, Zagreb, Croatia

Ured predsjednika republike Hrvatske/Office of the President of the Republic of Croatia, Zagreb, Croatia

Gradski muzej Karlovac – zbirka crteža i akvarela/City Museum of Karlovac Collection of Drawings and Watercolors,Karlovac, Croatia

Ured gradonačelnika grada Karlovca/Office of the Mayor of the City of Karlovac, Karlovac, Croatia

Zbirka slika i crteža Zimske likovne kolonije (ZILIK)/Collection of paintings and drawings of the Winter Art Colony (ZILIK), Karlovac, Croatia

Zbirka slika i crteža likovne kolonije Maestral/Collection of paintings and drawings of the art colony Maestral, Split-Kaštela, Croatia

Zbirke Udruge pripadnika 110. brigade ZNG – HV/Collection of artwoks of 110th Brigade of Croatian Army, Croatia

Zbirka Doma za odgoj djece i mladeži, Zadar/ Collection of the House for the education of children and youth, Zadar, Croatia

Zbirka Doma za odgoj djece i mladeži, Karlovac/ Collection of the House for the education of children and youth, Karlovac, Croatia

Zbirka Sumina/The Sumina Collection, Karlovac, Croatia

Zbirka Mavretić/The Mavretić Collection, Karlovac, Croatia

Zbirka Grgeljac/The Grgeljac Collection, Karlovac, Croatia

Zbirka Vrga/The Vrga Collection, Petrinja, Croatia

Gradski muzej Knin/City Museum of Knin, Knin, Croatia

Zavičajni muzej Ozalj/Heritage Museum Ozalj, Croatia

Zbirka Općine Ribnik/ Ribnik Municipality Collection, Croatia

Galerija Remek djela/The Gallery of Master Pieces, Zagreb, Croatia


Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)/Franklin Furnace (FF) Artists Book Collection, New York, USA

Pratt Institute/Franklin Furnace Teaching Collection,  New York, USA

Međunarodna zbirka portreta kralja Kigeli V./International Collection of Portraits-HM King Kigeli V, Miami, USA


Muzej rudničko-takovskog kraja/The Museum of the Rudnik-Takovo Region-Gornji Milanovac, Serbia


Meksički nacionalni muzej akvarela Alfredo Guati Rojo/The Alfredo Gu-ati Rojo National Watercolor Museum (Museo Nacional de Acuarela Alfredo Guati Rojo), Mexico City, Mexico


Zbirka slika i crteža Kraljevske litvanske unije plemstva / Collection of paintings and drawings of the Royal Lithuanian Union of Nobility, Vilnius, Lithuania

Bosna i Hercegovina/Bosnia and Herzegowina

Muzej Unsko-sanskog kantona/Museum of the Una-Sana Canton, Bihać, Bosnia and Herzegowina

Galerija likovnih umjetnosti RS/Gallery of Fine Arts, Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegowina


Orange Regional Art Gallery, Orange, NSW, Australia


VizArt Watercolor Collection – Tirana, Albania


Artoteka Bela Krajina, Črnomelj, Slovenia


New Sky Art Gallery, Myanmar


Arte Al Limite Permanent Collection of Contemporary Art, Santiago, Chile


Museo Internazionale dell’Acquarello/International Watercolor Museum, Fabriano, Italia



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  2. Festival akvarela hrvatske (Croatian Watercolor Festival) , Galerija umjetnina/Art Gallery, Split, Croatia
  3. 1. Karlovački likovni tabor (1st Karlovac Art Camp), Dom Oružanih snaga Hrvatske vojske/Home of the Armed Forces of the Croatian Army „Zrinski“, Karlovac, Croatia
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  6. 2003.”Hrvatska suvremena umjetnost iz fundusa Galerije likovnih umjetnosti RS/Croatian Contemporary Art in Collection of the Gallery of Fine Arts of Republic Srpska”, Galerija likovnih umjetnosti RS/Generalni konzulat RH - Gallery of Fine Arts of RS/Consulate General of Republic of Croatia, Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegowina
  7. Neretvanski pejzaž Neretvanske riznice umjetnina i inih vrijednosti Opuzen i Likovnog salona Opuzen/Neretva landscape of the Neretva treasury of art and other values Opuzen and Opuzen's Art Salon, Opuzen, Croatia (2002/2003)

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  31. “Freedom of Self Expression” - Budapest International Aquarell Festival, Stephanie Palace Exhibition Hall, Budapest, Hungary
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  36. Izložba suvremene umjetnosti/Exhibition of contemporary art, Espace d’art contemporain « La Vache Noire », Paris, France (critique d’art Francis Parent sélectionne/ selection by art critic Francis Parent)
  37. Majstori akvarela-Elita 2015/2016./”Masters of Watercolor-Elite 2015/2016, Palace of Congresses, Tirana, Albania
  38. “Mitska dimenzija grada i urbane legende”/"The mythical dimension of the city and urban legends", Dubrava Cultural Centre-Photogallery, Zagreb, Croatia
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  3. Galerija Šalom /Društvo Hrvatsko-Izraelskog prijateljstva (Gallery Šalom/Croatian-Israeli Society) (Dr.A.Bauer, M. Montillo) , Zagreb (1994.)
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  13. Knjižnica Dugave/Dugave Library, Zagreb, Croatia (2011.)
  14. ZILIK Galerija/Gallery, Karlovac (S. Špoljarić), Croatia (2012.)
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  16. „Kultura i krajolik istočnog Kavkaza“/“Culture and Landscape of Eastern Caucasus“, virtualna izložba/virtual one man exhibition, portal Zagrebački likovni umjetnici/Zagreb Fine Artists (K. Gojanović) (2015.)
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  20. "Alfred Freddy Krupa", Galerija Remek-djela/Gallery of Masterpieces, Zagreb


1.)  2017. Godišnja nagrada hrvatskog društva likovnih umjetnika-Zagreb za 2016.godinu/The Annual Award of the Croatian Association of Artists Zagreb for 2016, Croatia

1.) 2016. Predsjednička nagrada za životno djelo/President’s Lifetime Achievement Award, US President Barack Obama, White House-Washington, USA

2.) 2016. Medalja Maršal Trompowsky/Medal Marshal Trompowsky & Doctor comitatus causa, Instituto dos Docentes do Magistério Militar do Mato Grosso do Sul, Brasil

2.) 2016. Počasni sveučilišni profesor likovnih umjetnosti/Honorary cooperate professor of fine arts, Carlos Albizu University, Miami Campus, USA

3.) 2016. Počasni akademik društvenih i humanističkih znanosti/Honorary Academician of Social Sciences/Humanities ( AcIASS ), International Academy of Social Sciences (former “Guild of Independent Scholars”) - Journal of Alternative Perspectives in the Social Sciences, USA (Prof. Dr. Otto Von Feigenblatt PhD EdD)

4.) 2016. Časni spomen nagrada/Honorable Mention Award, IWS Hungary, Budapest

5.) 2016. Top 20 akvarelista/Top 20 Watercolor Painters, Wizart-Tirana, Albania

6.) 2016. Certificate of Award, IWS Pakistan and Centre of Excellence in Art & Design, Mehran University of Engineering and Technology, Jamshoro, Pakistan

7.) 2015. Certifikat izvrsnosti/Certificate of Excellence (among the Best 100 Artists/of 485), Artavita Contest, California, USA

8.) 2013. Posebno priznanje stručnog vijeća na 3. Međunarodnoj izložbi kineske kaligrafije i slikarstva tušem, Anshan – Kina/»Councillor Special Prize« at the 3rd International Exhibition of the Chinese Calligraphy and Ink Painting, Anshan - China

9.) 2013. Medalja »Princ od Antiohije« za portretno postignuće (Caputo Childrens Fund/Family Association), Guatemala City – Guatemala/»Prince of Antioch Medal« Award for artistic/ philantropic achievement (Caputo Historical Families Association), Guatemala City - Guatemala

10.) 2013. »Vitez veliki križ i baron kraljevskog reda Krune od Rwande (počasni kraljevski član/vojvoda kuće Ndahindurwa)« za umjetničku izvrsnost, HM Jean Baptiste King Kigeli V, Washington DC – SAD/»Knight Grand Cross and Baron of the Royal Order of the Crown of Rwanda (honorary royal member/duke of the Royal House of Ndahindurwa)« for artistic/philantropic excellence (HM Jean Baptiste King Kigeli V, Washington DC) – USA

11.) 2013. Title of nobility/plemićka titula S.E. Baron de Krupa (HM Jean Baptiste King Kigeli V, Washington DC) – USA

12.) 2011. The Royal Patronage of HM King Solomon Gafabusu Iguru I, Uganda

13) 2002/2017 The Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (the Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce), London

14.) 1998. Special financial award of the Karlovac City /Posebna novčana nagrada Grada Karlovca, Croatia

15.) 1998. stipendija za postdiplomsko istraživanje, Vlada Japana - Ministarstvo obrazovanja/»postgraduate non degree research fellowship/grant«, Government of Japan - Ministery of Education, Japan

16.) 1995. “Homeland War Memorial Medal 1991-1992.”/Spomenica Domovinskog rata 1991.-1992., President of the Republic of Croatia/Predsjednik Republike Hrvatske (student dragovoljac/university student volounteer defender), Croatia

17.) 1992. “Charter of the 4th Operational Zone of the Croatian Army”/Povelja 4. Operativne zone Hrvatske vojske, Croatia

18.) 1992. stipendija za talentirane studente, Grad Karlovac/»talented student stipendia/grant«, City of Karlovac, Croatia

 MEMBERSHIPS (various, selection) / ČLANSTVA (razna, odabir)

  1. (do danas/to present): Croatian Association of Artist in Zagreb (HDLU), Zagreb, Croatia
  2. (do danas/to present): The International Society for Education Through Art (INSEA), Croatian Council , Zagreb, Croatia
  3. LIKUM-Cooperative Artists, Zagreb, Croatia
  4. (-1999.): Croatian Society of Art Historians, Zagreb, Croatia
  5. (do danas/to present): The Russian College of Heraldry (HONORARY MEMBER), Moscow, Russia
  6. (-2002,2017-do danas/to present.): elected fellow of the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce, London, UK
  7. (do danas/to present): „Historia Viva“ Cultural Association of Citizens (FOUNDING MEMBER), Karlovac, Croatia
  8. (do danas/to present): Međunarodno društvo za genetičku genealogiju/International Society for Genetic Genealogy, USA
  9. (do danas/to present) The Caputo Historical Families Association (DELEGATE AND LAURUS NOBILIS MEMBER), Guatemala City, Guatemala
  10. (do danas/to present): International Chinese Calligraphy and Ink Painting Society (ICCPS), Tokyo, Japan (North American Branch)
  11. (do danas/to present): Association of former students and teachers of the Academy of Fine Arts (ALUMNI ALU), Zagreb, Croatia
  12. (do danas/to present): The International Commision and Association on Nobility (certified nobility member), Gutemala City, Guatemala
  13. (do danas/to present): The International Heraldry Society, Telford, England
  14. (do danas/to present): InArt - Association to promote the visual arts, graphic design, creativity and design (honorary member), Zagreb, Croatia
  15. (do danas/to present) European Association of University Professors (EuAPP), London, England
  16. (do danas/to present) Međunarodno društvo akvarelista/International Watercolor Society, Turkey
  17. (do danas/to present) Croatian-Japanese Academic Society/Hrvatsko-japansko akademsko društvo, Zagreb, Croatia
  18. (do danas/to present) The Royal Society of Armigers of Spain/Kraljevsko društvo grbonosaca Španjolske, počasni član/honorary member, Spain
  19. (do danas/to present) The Royal and Merciful Society of Bearers of Medals and Awards of Belgium/ Kraljevskog društva nositelja medalja i nagrada Belgije, Belgium
  20. (do danas/to present) The European Academy of Arts-France/L’ACADEMIE EUROPEENNE DES ARTS-FRANCE/Europska akademija umjetnosti-Francuska


   1. ARTMED-a 2017, Medellin, Columbia


  1. Član gospodarsko-socijalnog vijeća Karlovačke županije/A member of the Economic and Social Council of the Karlovac County, Karlovac, Croatia
  2. Član odbora za dodjelu nagrada i priznanja Karlovačke županije/A member of the awards and accolades of the Karlovac County, Karlovac, Croatia
  3. Član školskog odbora Glazbene škole Karlovac/A member of the school board of the Music School Karlovac, Karlovac, Croatia
  4. (do danas/to present)Vice president for Europe of the Royal Academy of Aristocracy (Bunyoro-Kitara of Uganda), Rep. Uganda
  5. (do danas/to present) Stalni diplomatski predstavnik ugandskog kraljevstva Bunyoro-Kitara/Permanent diplomatic representative of Ugandas Kingdom Bunyoro-Kitara in Republic of Croatia
  6. Član umjetničkog savjeta Hrvatskog društva likovnih umjetnika-Zagreb/ Artist Council Member at the Croatian Association of Artist-Zagreb (HDLU-Zagreb), Zagreb, Croatia
  7. Član povjerenstva za kvalitetu (Šumarska i drvodjeljska škola, Karlovac)/ Member of Committee for Quality (Forestry and Carpentry School, Karlovac), Croatia
  8. (do danas/to present) predsjednik Međunarodnog društva akvarelista – Hrvatska /Head of the International Watercolor Society, Croatia


  1. Mala recentna zbirka crteža/Small Recent Collection of Drawings (MBTisak)
  2. Akvarel-iskustva jednog praktičara/Watercolor-experiences of one practicioner (MBTisak)
  3. „Ti mahneš zvijezdama da odu“ (“You waved the stars to go“), likovno-pjesnička mapa/visual poetry folder (Alfred Freddy Krupa, Željko Mavretić) (Pečarić & Radočaj)
  4. „Trenuci života“ (“ Moments of life“), specijalizirana monografija-zbirka crteža purinim perom/specialized monograph -collection of drawings with turkey feather (Dr.Sci. Andreas Berlakovich, Dr.Sci. Danko Plevnik, Matica Hrvatska)
  5. „Zapisi“ (“Records“), mapa u sitotisku/folder in the screen printing (Tomislav Hauptfeld, Mladen Muić, Zdenko Grgeljac, Ivica Željeznjak), OSMTH
  6. „Moderno slikarstvo tušem-što je to?/Modern Ink Painting-What is it?“, conceptual artists book
  7. „Hildegard Marie ili zatvorenica 9772 / Hildegard Marie or Prisoner No. 9772
  8. " Livre de paintre - 26 abstract moments and other things", artists book/object
  9. “Night River Scenery”, video artists book
  10. “Adoration”, photo artists book


  1. „Lopti se vrti u glavi“ (“Ball have head spinning“) by Željko Mavretić, (MBTisak)
  2. „Karlovac u srcu“ („Karlovac in Heart“ by Mladen Muić (MBTisak)
  3. „Stepenice do neba“ (“Stairway to Heaven“) by Vera Hauptfeld-Mutak (Matica Hrvatska)
  4. „Trag suza na papiru“ (“Trail of Tears on Paper“) by Martina Borišić (Gradska knjižnica/City Library Ivan Goran Kovačić)
  5. „Veronikin rubac“ (“Veronica’s handkerchief“) by Tomislav Hauptfeld (Gradska knjižnica/City Library Ivan Goran Kovačić)
  6. „Šum grada“ (“The sound of the city“) by Tomislav Hauptfeld (vlastita naklada/own circulation)
  7. “Moja Una/My River Una” by Nedžib Vučelj, Bosnia and Herzegowina


2004-2006. „ S Fredijem o umjetnosti“/With Freddy About Art“, TV4R Television


„Frankopan“ (glasilo Hrvatske vojske/Journal of Croatian Army)

Večernji list/Evening Newspaper

KOD (Karlovac-Ozalj-Duga Resa weekly)

Karlovački tjednik/Karlovac Weekly

„Svjetlo“ (Journal »Light« of the Matica Hrvatska-Croatian Heritage Foundation which covers the fields of social services, arts and culture)


  1. Texts / exhibition reviews for „Karlovački list“ daily newspaper
  2. »Sumi-e from perspective of a traditional academically trained european artist“ („Sumi-e slikarstvo iz perspektive tradicionalno-akademski školovanog europskog umjetnika“) e-Magazine Beyond Calligraphy
  3. „U susret 100. obljetnici rođenja Alfreda Krupe/Towards the 100th anniversary of the birth of Alfred Krupa“, Karlovački tjednik /The Karlovac Weekly
  4. „Akvarel/Watercolor“, Zagrebački likovni umjetnici/Zagreb Fine Artists Portal
  5. The Theory Of Strings/Theory Of Everything In The Modern (Ink) Painting Practice?, The Life As A Human Virtual Art Gallery 


  1. Općina Kamanje/The Kamanje Municipality Official Coat of Arms and Flag, Kamanje, Croatia


  1. Theatre boiler "Troy haunted" / Kazališni kotao “Trojom uklete”
  2. ZD Drama Studio "Lovers" (with Alexander Augustinčić) / ZD Dramski studio “Ljubovnici” (sa Aleksandrom Augustinčićem)
  3. ZD Drama Studio “Bold singer” / ZD Dramski studio “Čelava pjevačica” (Ionesco)


  1. Igor Dobranić created luxury fashon collection for woman “Spring/Summer 2017” inspired by the work and in cooperation (SPECIAL PRINTS) with Alfred Freddy Krupa/Igor Dobranić je izradio luksuznu kolekciju ženske odjeće “Proljeće/ljeto 2017” inspiriran umjetničkim radom i u suradnji sa Alfred Freddy Krupom. Presentation/predstavljanje: SPRING / SUMMER 2017 CURATED SHOWS: US SHOWS DATES: JULY 31 - AUG 2, 2016 MODA NEW YORK JAVITS CENTER, AUG 15 - AUG 17, 2016 STITCH LAS VEGAS MANDALAY BAY, SEPT 16 - SEPT 18, 2016 ATELIER DESIGNERS DOUBLE TREE HOTEL NEW YORK, OCT 16 - OCT 19, 2016 NEAC MARLBORO, MA, OCT 17 - OCT 20, 2016 CALIF. MKT CTR, LOS ANGELES, CA, OCT 23 - OCT 25, 2016 NORTHERN CA SAN MATEO, CA EUROPE SHOWS DATES JULY 22 - JULY 25, 2016 THE GALLERY DÜSSELDORF, SEPTEMBER SHOWROOM LONDON BY SPECIAL APP


  1. Academy of Fine Arts (University of Zagreb)/Akademija likovnih umjetnosti (ALU) : “Watercolor / Akvarel”
  2. Vjekoslav Karas Gallery/Galerija Vjekoslav Karas : “Watercolor / Akvarel”
  3. Karlovac Salon/Karlovački salon (GMK) : “Obnova stare gradske jezgre kroz prizmu reguliranja statusa akademskih umjetnika/ Renovation of the old town through the prism of regulating the status of academic artists”
  4. Visoka škola međunarodnih odnosa i diplomacije Dag Hammarskjöld/ Dag Hammarskjöld University College of International Relations and Diplomacy, Zagreb : “Moderno slikarstvo tušem / Modern Ink Painting”
  5. InArt-Zagreb: Basics of Calligraphic Drawing in Ink


First charitable action was in 1990 – "Umjetnici za Opću bolnicu Karlovac/Artists for the General Hospital of Karlovac".

First self-initiated charitble event was one-man exhibition for the children of deceased Croatian defenders in July 1992 where whole income from sold paintings was handed over to the Ministery of Defense of Republic of Croatia.

Since that time countless philantropric/charitable activities in Croatia, Bosnia, Rwanda, Guatemala, Uganda, Lithuania, USA etc..