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Work experience


Teaching Assistant

UCLA Extension

- Guide inquiry, emphasize the meta-skills and core concepts of software engineering.
- Support students in their projects and challenges.
- Provide feedback to students and the instructor.
- Translate complex concepts to something more simple and digestible.

June 2015Present

Full Stack Web Developer

Freddie Cabrera Inc.

-  Partner with product management, development, and business teams to create new product and feature ideas and bring their vision to life.
- Create initial designs and revisions to satisfy the client, implement and code using HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript.
- Wireframe and mockup review to catch potential issues before site build begins
- Maintenance of existing sites—this may include creating new display templates, developing new features, or fixing bugs


This is an ongoing data visualization app I created as a personal project called Ullibol. It was my first time using Redis so I had to learn how to make it work with Node. The most challenging part for me was finding a charting library that would play nice with a React Isomorphic app. I chose Highcharts because of how beautiful it was, although I had to go into the module and remove some code to make it work. I couldn't find a free API that provided the stats that I was looking for so I had to create an API of my own. I am adding a feature where the user can add players as well as add player data.

Material Design