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1990 - 1991

Paris Dauphine

CPE-MSTCF - Concours préparatoire aux études de ce qu'est aujourd'hi la filière STCF-CCA

1989 - 1990

M.A. in English

Sorbonne/Censier University

Master's Thesis: Computerizing Textbooks: A Journey into Computer-Assisted Language Learning


What I don't do

Work experience

Work experience

DBM (global outplacement firm)

As a New Career workshop facilitaor, coached and helped hundreds of gifted executives looking for new challenges, focusing on the high-tech sector.It was great fun,too. * Revamped CVs - no Visual CV then :-)

* Helped (Re)define career objectives * Enhanced interview skills via simulations of interviews with analysis with analysis.

* Upgraded negotiation skills, elevator pitch, body language and networking skills.

Since 1998, I have given career-, networking and web-related workshops and social media training in Israel, the UK, the Russian Federation & France.

Coached via e-mail hundreds of US and UK residents prior to their Aliyah. This project gave me the opportunity to meet executives in London,England; Paris,Marseilles and Lyon,France; and Siberia [in the Winter].

Jul 2007 - Present

Online Marketing Projects

Among others:

  • B2B Social Media consulting
  • An exciting online education project · 
  • LinkedIn & Twitter marketing consulting and lectures - startup accelerator gigs [Star-TAU,TheJunction,TheHive,TheElevator], B2B, NGOs [e.g. Gvahim and Matan] and individuals.  
  • Market research                            
  • Shidonni , a browser-based virtual world for children [2009]

           Market research, lead qualification, initiating contact in French territory resulting in media coverage and exposure

Conducted market research identifying promising prospects in Key B2B territories 

  • HP Indigo [pre-Drupa project  2007/8]

Created and developed tools used by ~100 HP Indigo salespeople worldwide.

Analyzed, spotted trends and predicted future directions in players (competitor pricing, annual reports, evaluation of  competitors sales). Led worldwide HP Indigo Competition Forum

Oct 2010 - Present

Social Media marketing specialist [English projects]


SEOlogy is a well-respected SEO firm.

SEOlogy offers Social Media marketing services to B2B companies,based in Israel and targeting the global market. Chances are you know Seology's clients...

My current projects include: * Social media marketing for an Enterprise software company, focusing on lead generation and branding - using primarily LinkedIn and Twitter.  * Consulting for a large public company [monitoring,analyzing, social media marketing strategy], focusing on LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.

2006 - 2007

VP Sales
  • Increased Udizine's annual sales 243%.
  • Successfully added new distributors in AZ,CA,CO,FL,MD & HI (check out full map here) ►Increased revenues from existing accounts in CA,NY,OH & PA. ► Initiated and nurtured contacts with firms that became Udizine's first international Representatives [in the UK and the Philippines] and added new distributors in the Netherlands and the Far East.
  • Initiated a presence in new websites and negotiated the firm's first stock orders.
  • Selected strategic partner, contributing to a successful US GlobalShop trade show.
2003 - 2006

Business Development

Atmosphere Manufacturers (disruptive electronics consumer goods start-up)
  • Led marketing activities and listing with a strategic French retailer (BHV, €700m turnover).
  • Significantly shortened listing time to market with French retailers like Castorama.
  • Delivered French collateral, website design, and several other projects. Co-led a successful recruitment of a top local Agent and managed his training.
  • Achieved a significant differentiation - in a commodities market:► Turned products into an end-to-end solution thanks to a thorough analysis of clients' needs.► Initiated high-margin,low-cost product customizations during long sales cycles.
  • Thoroughly prepared key exhibitions (Koln's Practical World and Frankfurt's Light & Building), resulting in identifications of major business opportunities: ► Built long-term partnerships with key retailers in France & Germany, resulting in accelerated, low-budget listing setup and distribution planning. ► Revamped the go to market plan and value proposition and increased margins & future revenues manifold by modifying the business model.

      ► All this was done before the company manufactured a single product

2000 - 2003

Wireless Business Intelligence consultant

Shenhav [Vimatix, Netprox]
  • Vimatix (MMSC) - Analyzed potential clients under extreme time pressure.
  • Netprox (application platform) - Led mobile internet market analysis.
Jan 1996 - Oct 2000


Telrad Networks

Training professional responsible for the in-house Language training of over 2200 employees. ► Selected & managed a team of a dozen subcontractors,building a team out of partners that continued to work for fiercely competing companies ► Improved client satisfaction & loyalty by halving time-to-market of training products while doubling product line every 18 months ► Turned the company into a beta site of cutting-edge technologies enabling product delivery anywhere,anyhow,anytime





Internet & Language Skills,IDF

Web-savvy, full computer literacy. Masters Google Docs,Wikis,Social Media (Twitter,LinkedIn,Quora,tumblr,SlideShrae,YouTube and others)... 

Languages: English, French, Hebrew - mother tongue

IDF military service: Paramedic 

French Section


Trilingual (English/French/Hebrew) relationship builder,I am a freak of people and innovative technology (in that order) and bridging gaps between them.How do I contribute to a business? ► What I do for a living is identify business opportunities, often creating value in commoditized environments. Incidentally,I build relationships...or was it the other way round?

► As a heavy user of community-based websites,I have created webinars,videos,online groups,online CVs and portfolios,wikis,and tutorials. Understanding long-term social media success factors enables me to help brands -and people.

► I help businesses engage with customers online - and convert prospects into long-term loyal customers.

►The world of retail interests me, brushing up my French is fun, and firms I have contributed most to tend to be high-tech, innovative and global.

►I was lucky enough to work both in global/public companies and in start-ups across several industries ►►Result? my experience ranges from business development to account management, and from competitive intelligence to inside sales.


An in-house/long-term B2B LinkedIn/social media marketing position

  • Leveraging my on- and offline experience in international B2B marketing (online marketing,Enterprise software,web apps, retail and consumer goods).
  • Leading web-based collaboration with customers and/or partners /account management/social media marketing [LinkedIn,Quora,YouTube,Twitter, Google+,tumblr,SlideShare,Web Applications,Mobile Apps and more].
  • Planning, creating,curating and revamping a variety of online and social media tools and content.

...Now what?

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