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Seeking a long-term career with a reputable organization, where knowledge, enthusiasm and self-motivation are fully utilized towards organizational development in a teamwork spirit environment to assure excellent career prospects.


Oct 2010Oct 2015


Ahfad University for Women

School of Pharmacy

Summary of Capabilities

  • Able to effectively meet and exceed expectations in various key productivity areas.
  • Sharp problem solving and analytical abilities.
  • Result oriented and goal focused.
  • Management Discipline and sincerity towards job.
  • Capable of interacting & motivating others towards prosperity of the organization.
  • Self managed, self motivated and strong analytical thinker.
  • Creative and innovative generator.
  • Intelligent, Smart, Responsible, Highly Organized, Practical, Confident, Outgoing,
  • Dedicated & Devoted, Able to coordinate in team work and act as a leader.
  • Proficient in Arabic and English languages, both written and spoken.
  • MS Office for windows xp experience.
  • Visual Basics & excellent typing skills in both Arabic & English.


Academic Qualifications

Oct 2015Jan 2015

Faculty and Unity:

Ahfad University for Women
  • Batch coordinator for four consecutive years (2011- 2014).
  • Eid shelter & Fasting Meals distribution In Ramadan with fellow colleagues.
  • Radio Caster & Annunciator in the University Theatre in English language (Best English Caster in 2015 Women's Week Ceremony).
  • Vice president Pharmacists Union(Al-Ahfad University for Women in years, 2011-2014).
  • Organizer & Corner stone Founder of Al-Ahfad Pharmacists Union in 2011.
  • Environmental Activities organizer in Women's Week in 2012.
  • Organization of Seminars and lectures in coordination with Dr. Mishal Abdelrahman Alhussain.
  • Organization of pre-school Admission & encouragement activities in 2015.
  • Organization of entertainment trips and picnics.
  • Organizer and participator in all sport activities of all different occasions.
  • Fund raiser & active role in financial aspects since the foundation of the unity.
  • Organizer & participator in Alhfad University's Annual Day since Februray 2015.
  • Organizing of various exhibitions & meetings in Al-Ahfad University of Women.
  • Coordination between pharmaceutical companies and the Pharmacy school.
  • Organizer of Father's day in the university and new comers welcome.
  • Supervisor & organizer of the General Assembly of the Unity in its 2nd round.
  • Honoring of the students in their influential academic & dynamic roles in the University.
Jan 2010Dec 2013


Sudanese Pharmacy Students Federation
  • Organizing of various means of Media Campaigns.
  • First Head of the Social & Cultural office in the Sudanese Pharmacy students meeting in Dar Al Sadaqa & Pharmacists Union.
  • Head of 1st Social tour for Pharmacy Students to District schools.
  • Organizer of 1st Ramadan Iftar gathering of all Pharmacy students in Sudan.
  • Organizer of Pharmacy Students Federation Exhibition in 1st conference in 2012.
  • Organizer of the first Theatre & Coral gathering of Pharmacy students in Sudan.
  • Organizer and counselor of the new formation of the Unity in its 2nd round in 2015-2016.
  • Open Medical & Health days organizer in Salha City in coordination with Balsam Medical Centre & other Pharmaceutical Companies & Medical Specialists in two consecutive years, June 2012 & May 2013.
  • Eid Shelter & Break Fast meals distribution to the poor and needy in coordination with (Del Ahaly) Charity.
  • Representing of the Sudan Federal Ministry of Health in various Media relations.


Israa Abdel Halim

Experience Certificate of Pharmacy Israa Abdel Halim


National Service Period

Complete National Service Period of the pharmacies group health insurance Khartoum state (high places)

Competencies and Achievements

  • Patient Approach & Communication Skills from University of Africa, Faculty of Pharmacy with Dr. Kamal Al Umda.
  • Patient Counseling Certificate from Um Dorman Islamic University, Faculty of Pharmacy with Professor Omar Al Khawad.
  • First Aid Certificate from the Red Crescent in Al Ahfad University for Women.
  • Accomplishment Certificates in executive and management skills for three consecutive years from the Sudanese Pharmacists Unity.
  • Certificate of 1st Social & Cultural Offices Head in Sudanese Pharmacists Unity.
  • Computer Skills Certificate from the communications Centre in Al Ahfad University of Women.
  • Certificate of participation in organizing the 1st annual Conference of Sudanese Pharmacy Students.


Other Skills

Fluency in spoken and written English
Using all MS Office Program

Excellent typing skills in both Arabic & English.
Having Driving License.