Aleya Tarig Hassan Albahar

  • Khartoum
Aleya Tarig Hassan Albahar

Khartoum, Sudan


Seeking a long-term career with a reputable organization, where knowledge, enthusiasm and self-motivation are fully utilized towards organizational development in a teamwork spirit environment to assure excellent career prospects.


Oct 2010 - Oct 2015


Ahfad University for Women

School of Pharmacy

Summary of Capabilities

  • Able to effectively meet and exceed expectations in various key productivity areas.
  • Sharp problem solving and analytical abilities.
  • Result oriented and goal focused.
  • Management Discipline and sincerity towards job.
  • Capable of interacting & motivating others towards prosperity of the organization.
  • Self managed, self motivated and strong analytical thinker.
  • Creative and innovative generator.
  • Intelligent, Smart, Responsible, Highly Organized, Practical, Confident, Outgoing,
  • Dedicated & Devoted, Able to coordinate in team work and act as a leader.
  • Proficient in Arabic and English languages, both written and spoken.
  • MS Office for windows xp experience.
  • Visual Basics & excellent typing skills in both Arabic & English.


Academic Qualifications

Work History
Oct 2015 - Jan 2015

Faculty and Unity:

Ahfad University for Women
  • Batch coordinator for four consecutive years (2011- 2014).
  • Eid shelter & Fasting Meals distribution In Ramadan with fellow colleagues.
  • Radio Caster & Annunciator in the University Theatre in English language (Best English Caster in 2015 Women's Week Ceremony).
  • Vice president Pharmacists Union(Al-Ahfad University for Women in years, 2011-2014).
  • Organizer & Corner stone Founder of Al-Ahfad Pharmacists Union in 2011.
  • Environmental Activities organizer in Women's Week in 2012.
  • Organization of Seminars and lectures in coordination with Dr. Mishal Abdelrahman Alhussain.
  • Organization of pre-school Admission & encouragement activities in 2015.
  • Organization of entertainment trips and picnics.
  • Organizer and participator in all sport activities of all different occasions.
  • Fund raiser & active role in financial aspects since the foundation of the unity.
  • Organizer & participator in Alhfad University's Annual Day since Februray 2015.
  • Organizing of various exhibitions & meetings in Al-Ahfad University of Women.
  • Coordination between pharmaceutical companies and the Pharmacy school.
  • Organizer of Father's day in the university and new comers welcome.
  • Supervisor & organizer of the General Assembly of the Unity in its 2nd round.
  • Honoring of the students in their influential academic & dynamic roles in the University.
Jan 2010 - Dec 2013


Sudanese Pharmacy Students Federation
  • Organizing of various means of Media Campaigns.
  • First Head of the Social & Cultural office in the Sudanese Pharmacy students meeting in Dar Al Sadaqa & Pharmacists Union.
  • Head of 1st Social tour for Pharmacy Students to District schools.
  • Organizer of 1st Ramadan Iftar gathering of all Pharmacy students in Sudan.
  • Organizer of Pharmacy Students Federation Exhibition in 1st conference in 2012.
  • Organizer of the first Theatre & Coral gathering of Pharmacy students in Sudan.
  • Organizer and counselor of the new formation of the Unity in its 2nd round in 2015-2016.
  • Open Medical & Health days organizer in Salha City in coordination with Balsam Medical Centre & other Pharmaceutical Companies & Medical Specialists in two consecutive years, June 2012 & May 2013.
  • Eid Shelter & Break Fast meals distribution to the poor and needy in coordination with (Del Ahaly) Charity.
  • Representing of the Sudan Federal Ministry of Health in various Media relations.

Competencies and Achievements

  • Patient Approach & Communication Skills from University of Africa, Faculty of Pharmacy with Dr. Kamal Al Umda.
  • Patient Counseling Certificate from Um Dorman Islamic University, Faculty of Pharmacy with Professor Omar Al Khawad.
  • First Aid Certificate from the Red Crescent in Al Ahfad University for Women.
  • Accomplishment Certificates in executive and management skills for three consecutive years from the Sudanese Pharmacists Unity.
  • Certificate of 1st Social & Cultural Offices Head in Sudanese Pharmacists Unity.
  • Computer Skills Certificate from the communications Centre in Al Ahfad University of Women.
  • Certificate of participation in organizing the 1st annual Conference of Sudanese Pharmacy Students.