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Work experience

Jan 2008May 2009

Vice President, Latin America

Comptel Communications

Reporting to the Senior VP for the Americas, was responsible for redesigning the sales team, achieving expressive result, implementing a customer-driven awareness in Customer Services and thought leadership in New Business Development. Managed a team of 17 people (Customer Services, Sales, Business Development - Presales, Administration and HR).

Aug 2007Dec 2007

Regional Sales Director - New Business

Comptel Communications

Reporting to the Senior Sales VP for the Americas, was responsible for developing new business in Latin America, identifying markets where the company could expand its operations. Determined Chile and Colombia to be key markets, developing relationship with the main accounts and partners in these countries (mainly customers belonging to the Carso and Telefónica groups and local System Integrators). Also decided on the key accounts in Brazil, being in constant contact with companies like Vivo, Claro, TIM and Brasil Telecom (Oi).

Sep 2004Jul 2007

Regional Sales Director

Comptel Communications

Reported to the Senior Sales VP for the Americas, with the objectives of developing the Brasil Telecom account and the Brazilian market in general, identifying business opportunities in companies like Claro, Vivo and TIM, and maintaining a close relationship with Telefonica (LATAM) throughout this period. 

Sep 2002Aug 2004

New Business Director

APW Brazil

Reported to the General Manager and to the Senior Sales VP, with the objective of seeking companies that could be introduced to the production process. Responsible for some of the most important accounts in the Bank Automation segment (including export activities).

Sep 2000Aug 2002

Account Executive

Nortel Networks

Account Executive - Brasil Telecom and New Business (02/2001 to 08/2002)

Reporting to the Sales VP, was responsible for developing the Brasil Telecom account, as well as other new accounts (CETEEP and others).

Account Executive - TIW Group (09/2000 to 02/2001)

Reporting to the Sales VP, was responsible for developing one of the company's largest mobile accounts.

Aug 1992Sep 2000

Account Manager


Account Manager - IT, Services and Transmission (07/1998 to 07/2000)

Reporting to the Account Director, was responsible for the sale of Data Solutions, Network Management, Wireless Access and Maintenance Outsourcing.

Account Manager - Embratel, Telepar and CRT (10/1996 to 07/1998)

Reporting to the Accounts Director, was responsible for generating proposals, managing integration processes and handling negotiation procedures. Also responsible for selling radio/optical solutions.

Account Manager Assistant /Data & Transmission Department- South and Middle East Markets and EMBRATEL (07/1994 to 10/1996)

Reporting to the Account Manager, was responsible for setting up a Turn-key Project, having closed the first transmission deal after 30 years of company absence from the market, worth US$ 30 million.

Engineer -Data & Transmission Marketing Department (08/1992 to 07/1994)

Trainee (08/1991 to 07/1992)




Ibmecsp (Insper)

Insper is a non-profit educational institution committed to serving as a center of reference in education and research in the fields of business administration and economics.

Since its launch in São Paulo in 1987, the programs offered by the School combine academic excellence with a pragmatic vision and are among the most highly regarded in the market, based on national and international rankings.

Jul 1997Jul 1999


ESPM - Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing

ESPM has been a center of excellence in education for over a half century of its existence. The courses offered by ESPM in marketing, advertising, design and administration are recognized as some of the best in Brazil. Consequently, a large number of our alumni have leading academic and business positions. In large companies, across all industries, our former students have about one in ten key-positions.


 Fluent in Portuguese (mother tongue), English and Spanish.
Facilitator and Integrator
Of change processes, focusing on aligning the needs of the business areas with the corporate systems, and on managing multidisciplinary teams.
Analytical Capacity
As to the allocation and management of internal and external resources (providers of solutions and services) in order to design, implement and manage technological solutions.
Focused on results
On meeting the needs of the shareholders and the internal and external clients, and on promoting process restructuring, both functional and organizational, respecting budgets, scopes and deadlines.


START UP OF A BUSINESS UNIT – Consolidation of the Ericsson Transmission area by signing a contract for the amount of US$ 30 million for the supply of optical/radio solutions and infrastructure. Developed proposals preparing all documents necessary for legal certification, and formulation of the technical proposal for outsourced solutions (including direct competitors for complementing product portfolio). (Ericsson, 1993-1994)

INCREASE IN MARKET SHARE – Maintenance of company leadership in the supply of digital radios through a new contract worth 8 million dollars, for the supply of 200 point-to-point radio hops covering all frequencies offered by the company. Consolidation and reinforcement of the relationships with customer decision-makers. (Ericsson, 1998)

PROCESS INNOVATION – Differentiation from competition through the offering of added-value services to a product considered a commodity, redefining it as a business solution. Closed an umbrella deal for the amount of US$ 10 million including potential supply of up to 500 point-to-point radio hopsin an annual basis (project, implementation and maintenance). (Ericsson, 2000)

REGIONAL MANAGEMENT – Achieved Net Sales of € 5.5 million and Order Intake of € 5 million (total of 17 people allocated in the region). Generated an EBITDA of 60%. Maintained focus on sales (order income and net sales) and improved operations for the development of strategic partnership. Defined medium and long-term targets for company growth on a regional level. (Comptel, 2008-2009)


  • Discerning the problems, liberating payment of US$ 2 million and generating new business worth approximately US$ 5 million. Training the team to work on the problems, making project advancement possible. (Ericsson, 1996-1997)
  • Receipt of 90% of payments ensuing progress in the implementation of the project. Creation of an additional opportunity in OSS for the amount of US$ 2 million. Development of relationship at customers’ executive level, improving face time to identify customers’ problems and expectations. (Ericsson, 1999-2000)
  • Filled the US$ 20 million sales quota for the Account Group by opening up additional credit for the supply for a customer facing financial problems of around 4 million dollars, capping debt to protect company’s position. (Nortel, 2000-2001)
  • Sale of CRM and BackOffice platforms, totaling around US$ 10 million (previously sales level at 750,000 dollars). Developed contacts outside the usual operational area of traditional network solution suppliers. (Nortel, 2001-2002)
  • Sale of € 2.5 million in services, licenses and support. Consolidated the relationship on the executive level opening up to the offer of a convergent IT solution. Increased the amount contracted for improving company visibility as an IT platform supplier. Developed contacts with top executives in order to consolidate presence. (Comptel, 2004-2005)


Currently looking for a challenge where my skills can be fully utilized to help corporations achieving their objectives in offering to their customers solutions that can help those customers reducing their operational costs and leveraging their profit. 


Vast experience in sales, marketing and administration in general, developed in multinational American and European companies such as: Comptel, Nortel, Ericsson and Pirelli. Responsible for sales to the high-tech consumer market, including Telecom Infrastructure, Information Technology and Corporate Solutions. Experienced in seeking and developing new business for Latin America, introducing new business models. Interaction with regional and global system integrators. Relationship development on a CxO level in some of the most important markets and telecom operators in the region.

Key words:

- Software Industry - High-tech companies with multicultural environment- New business development- Team Management- International experience- IT business- Convergent Charging- Mediation- Roaming- Interconnect- Provisioning- Activation- Network Inventory- Data Retention- Fulfillment- OSS/BSS