Alex Payne

Alex Payne


As a soon to be college graduate of Purdue University, I have many lessons and skills to take away from this chapter of my life.  My future is not one hundred percent certain but one thing I am sure of is that I am passionate about law enforcement. It has been a goal of mine since I can remember. I have been able to investigate what it actually means to be a police officer. Through ride-a-longs and meetings with police officers and can confidently say that law enforcement is most definitely what I want to do with my life. The skill sets I have developed over my time in college are a great fit for law enforcement. I have excellent communication skills, I am driven, and I am a leader.  Through this portfolio you will see that I am an excellent fit for a law enforcement career. 


To obtain a law enforcement job in the Los Angeles area.

Work experience

Work experience
Sep 2009 - Present


Jimmy Johns

  • Interview potential employees using traditional face to face behavioral style
  • Handle a fast paced work environment while interacting with many costumers in a short time span
  • Delegate tasks to maintain efficient work environment
Nov 2008 - Aug 2009

Advanced Sales Associate


  • Established report with customers by using interpersonal skills to ensure satisfaction
  • Developed sales skills by managing transactions and sales of credit card agreements
  • Performed projects and tasks to attain a promotion 
May 2007 - Aug 2009

Mover/Crew Leader

Muinzer Moving and Storage

  • Handled inventory while moving furniture
  • Operated in a team to complete jobs efficiently
  • Communicated customers to ensure satisfaction



Physical Fitness

Throughout my college career I was able to challenge myself physically in many different areas. Intramural sports provided a competitive environment to maintain cardio. Working out four times a week became a routine and staple of my semesters. While those maintained my physical health it wasn’t until I started participating in POCAR, Purdue Outing Club Adventure Race, that my physical and mental strength were truly tested. POCAR is held in the middle of February and is a land navigation race in an Indiana state park. You are given a map and latitude and longitude points for different check points. Using your compass and your map your team must find the points. While this is technically a race, most teams are just happy to finish because many drop out.  We competed for three years and on our last year, we place first in the collegiate division. I am very proud of this achievement. Without a doubt, POCAR was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. We did not sleep for thirty-six hours and walked over fifty miles. The negative degree weather was only part of the challenge. At some points I started to fall asleep while walking. The only way to get through is to work as a team. We literally carried each other’s loads. After competing in POCAR I know that I am strong mentally and physically.  


As the Vice President of a student organization (Purdue Bible Fellowship) at Purdue University I was recognize my leadership skills and fine tune them. I was in charge of many activities and events for 60 plus people. I learned the best ways to address a large group and how to keep their attention. I also learned that a healthy balance of planning and flexibility is needed. Planning too much leads to micro-managing, but not enough planning leads to disarray and confusion. I led many meetings in my time in leadership. I was learned the proper ways to conduct a meeting in a time efficient, productive way. 

Interpersonal Communication

Though out all of my employment opportunities, I have been able to recognize and fine tune my interpersonal skills. In retail, I was able to effectively provide customer satisfaction while building sales. In the moving business, I listened to the customer's wants and specific needs in regards to their personal belongings and tailored how the job was performed to them. Currently as a delivery driver, I have to operate in a fast paced work environment while providing each customer with the right amount of attention. I also interview potential employees when a position is available. My managers recognized my communication skill and allow me to have a large say in the hiring process. T


Sep 2006 - Present

Bachelor of Arts

Purdue University