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All kind of sports.

 - Rugby

 - Kendo


 - England

 - France

 - Italy

 - Switzerland

 - Austria

 - Chez Republic

 - Belgium

 - Germany


My name is Jongseo Shim, I am 21 years old.

I go to Chung-Ang University now and I am in Freshman year.

My major is Commercial and Business.

I would like to become a hotel manager.

After graduate university I would like to go abroad and study hotel management.

Work experience

Sep 2004Oct 2004

Super Market


I had a chance to work at a supermarket call ASDA for a month because at school when I was in year 10 we had to go work experience. So I  choosed to work at a big supermarket, and I had opportunities to work at different departments.


Mar 2009Present

ChungAng University

Graduated Lake Elementary School                2002

Graduated Joseph Rowntress Secondary School                  2005

Graduated Yongsan Highschool                  2009

Freshman in Chung-Ang University major in Commercial and Business              Present


I have been doing Kendo for about 9 years. It's martial art, I do this to straighten up my mind and also to improve my health. I am really good at this I have won few competition in Korea.
Language Skill (English & Korean)
I have stayed in England for 3 years So now I got a good Englsh speaking skill . For sure, I am sure that I can be a big help to the international relation company .