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Responsible for the duties of software promotion and public relations as head of business development at Messenger Plus!, Alex Shamash handles a variety of important tasks related to new software launches and is currently focusing on the development of new programs that promote child safety. Alex Shamash leads the promotion of a software program with a long history. Predating the Internet, instant messaging originated on multi-user systems like CTSS and Multics, and continues today as a popular option for quick communications. To date, Alex Shamash’s latest project, Messenger Plus!, an add-on to the popular Windows Live Messenger instant messaging software, has been downloaded more than 500 million times since its original launch. Alex Shamash and the Messenger Plus! team have introduced changes in their latest update that will enable users to better connect with other members in the 60-million user community. As the company’s liaison with industry professionals, Alex Shamash works to introduce the software’s new features, highlighting significant changes to the popular chat add-on. When introducing the latest launch of his product, Alex Shamash particularly highlights Messenger Plus! 5’s ability to display recent events. The new version also offers a Contact List Clean-Up, which enhances the display of shared contacts, and allows users to share interests and opinions on various topics. Additionally, Messenger Plus! 5 users have the ability to customize the Sound Library with random sounds. Under Alex Shamash’s expert guidance, Messenger Plus! 5 will bring together like-minded users with community networks, social websites, and satellite sites such as Plus! Games to enhance the user experience. Alex Shamash completed his education in media studies and business administration at The University of Manchester in England. Continuing his commitment to the latest developments in his field, Alex Shamash frequently attends industry conferences like the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. When not busy with work, Alex Shamash enjoys sailing and cycling.

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