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Alex Marvel uses his communication skills to motivate business professionals through various mediums. Part of his career includes business coaching, which has been proven to help improve the efficiency and functionality of corporate work. Mr. Marvel analyzes the individual business needs of each client in order to create a useful lecture. Additionally, he is a motivational speaker, and he aims to help individuals redirect their personal and professional lives. Alex Marvel also provides motivational coaching specifically designed for athletes. In addition to his work as a public speaker, Alex Marvel continues to express his ideas through the written word. He has written four books, each of which focuses on a specific event or person and outlines how most people can draw personal growth and inspiration from it. His most recent book, “The Miracle of the 33,” focuses on the Chilean miners who spent 70 days trapped underground in 2010 before being rescued. Mr. Marvel draws from the experiences of the miners and the reactions of the global community and related them to business and interpersonal experiences of daily life. Alex Marvel’s other books, “The Secret of a Madman,” “Sebastián Piñera,” and “Think Like King Solomón,” each use the life experiences of an influential figure to inspire and motivate readers. In addition to his current public speaking and motivation efforts, Alex Marvel also works as a personal life coach. As a student, he studied clinical psychology and communications at Miami University and Andrés Bello University. He currently holds a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology.

Work experience

Life Coach, Writer, Motivational Speaker and Expert in Communications

Alex Marvel



Andrés Bello University