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Educational Enhancement

Work History     Buckeye, AZ, United States     Business Operations Support Staff  October 2012 - Present         FBLA State Officer Job Shadowing
  • Facilitate Events/Conferences
  • Cleanup after Events/Conferences
  • Setting Up & Tearing Down Events/Conferences
  • Judgeing
  • Prepare Lunches   
    Student Store Intern  August 2012 - December 2012          The Riders Emporium
  • Customer Service
  • Cleaning
  • Taking Inventory
  • Stocking Supplies
  • Manageing Money
  • Advertising  
    Vice President of Membership  May 2012 - Present
  • Keep track of West-MEC Awards
  • Keep track of AZ FBLA Awards
  • Supervise all Committees
  • Fill in for President when absent
    Vice President of Communications  May 2011 - May 2012
  • Record all events with Photography
  • Chapter Scrapbook
  • Worked closely with the Vice President of Media Relations
Informational Interview
  • Sophmore Year - H. English 2A
  • I-Search: Research Anything
  • Ancient Egypt
  • Interviewed: Bethany Hutchins - College Proffesor at Estrella Mountain Community College. Teaches Ancient Civilizations.
  • Basic Anthropology
School Activities
  • Future Business Leaders of America
          - Interact with other students and proffesional business members from all around Arizona.           - Travel to new places for events and conferences.
  • National Honors Society
          -Help others in various situations, putting myself in new, uncomfortable places.
  • Relay for Life
          - Spend a night helping raise money and meeting new people from various places. Community Service Projects
  • FBLA Middle-Level Conference  2/23/13
  • Future Freshmen Night  2/20/13
  • CTSO Charity Olympics  2/11/13
  • BUSD Parent Expo  1/2/13
  • Buckeye Halloween Carnival  10/27/12
  • Relay for Life  10/13 - 10/14/12
  • YHS Registration  8/1/12
  • Phoenix Symphony  5/20/12


- Study of the origin, development, and behavior of humans. It studies artifacts, languages, physical outlooks and the cultural difference between people. Anthropologists typically specialize in one of the following occupations:

  1. Archeologists - Examine, recover, and preserve evidence and artifacts fro past human cultures.
  2. Physical Anthropologists - Research the evolution of humans and their relatives.
  3. Cultural Anthropologists - Study the customs, cultures and social lives of groups.
  4. Linguistic Anthropologists - Study how humans communicate and how language shapes social life.


  •  Many qualify with a Masters Degree - +2 years including field research
  • Some may require a Ph. D - +12 to 30 months of field research
  • To work outside of the U.S. you typically need a Ph. D to meet the requirements of the foreign government policies

Important Qualities

  • Anylytical Skills
  • Crital-Thinking Skills
  • Investigative Skills
  • Writing Skills

Work Enviroment

  • Typically work in offices and labrotories
  • Archeology - requiresfield work either in the U.S. or in foreign countries.
  • Schedules - Most have regular business hours while field work requires longer work hours


  • Median Annual Wage was $54,230 in May of 2010

Job Outlook

  • Expected to grow 21% from 2010-2020
  • Result in 1,300 new jobs over the 10 year period
  • Expected to be competitive
  • Yhose who have Ph. D's will have the best job opportunuties


  • Curators
  • Historians
  • Post-Secondary Teachers
  • Sociologists
  • Geographers
  • Urban and Regional Planners

Bureau of Laber Stattistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2012-13 Edition, Anthropologists and Archeologists July 11, 2012

Q & A

Q: What is your greatest strength and how does it relate to your future career goals?

A: My greatest assest is my ability to see the big picture but to also see the small details. In my major(Anthropology), you need to be able to see the big picture when trying to solve different things but you also need to see the small details to know why the pieces fit together.

Q: What is your greatest weakness and how does it hinder your future career goals?

A: My greates weakness is my ability to project my thoughts to others. I have so many ideas that it is hard to get others to understand me. Yet being involved with FBLA and NHS, I am constantly working and groups and having that practice makes it easier everytime. In Anthropology you may be put into a research team and will have be able to communicate together as a group. This practice will be able to help me overcome my weakness.

Work experience

May 2010Present

High School Math Career

Youngker High School
  1. H. College Trigonometry
  2. H. College Algebra
  3. H.Geometry
  4. H. Algebra 2
  5. H. Algebra 1A & 2B
  • Critical Thinking Skills
  • Anaylitical Thinking
  • Investigative Skills
Aug 2010Present

High School English Career

Youngker High School
  1. English 101/102
  2. H. English 2A & 2B
  3. H. English 1A & 2A

Future Classes

  1. AP Literature
  • Anaylitical Skills
  • Writing Skills
  • Shakespeare: Romeo & Juliet, Macbeth, A Midsummer Night's Dream
  • Weekly Essays
Jan 2012Present

High School History Career

Youngker High School
  1. AP U.S. History
  2. H. World History/Geography

Future Classes

  1. AP Government
  • Ancient Civilizations
  • Rise & Fall of Governments
Aug 2010Present

High School Elective Career

Youngker High School
  1. College & Career Prep. 1
  2. College & Career Prep. 3
  3. Psychology
  • Research College Major
  • Research Career Choices
  • Understand the Human Mind and Brain
  • Human Brain Evolution
Aug 2010Present

Business Application

Youngker High School
  • Intro to Business
  • Basic Business Services
  • Advanced Business
  • Checks, Credits, and Debts
  • Effective Communication Skills
  • Running an actual business: The Riders Emporium & Holiday Card Business
Aug 2010Present

Career Research Projects

Youngker High School
  • College & Career Prep 1 - Learned the basics of my career choice - Baker
  • College & Career Prep 3 - Went into depths of majors and minors revolving around Anthropology
Aug 2011Dec 2012

High School Science Career

Youngker High School
  1. H. Biology
  2. H. Earth & Space Science

Future Classes

  1. H. Chemistry
  • Human Evolution


Time Management
Weekly Essays FBLA Projects Student Store Intern
Organizational Skills
Binders & Notebooks Helping Classroom Teachers Neat & Tidy
Business Managemnet & Administrative Services
Intro to Business Basic Business Services Advanced Business Student Store Intern
Class Projects FBLA Chapter Meetings Chapter Committees National Honors Society
Customer Service
Student Store Intern: The Riders Emporium Interaction with many different types of people
Microsoft Office Applications
Microsoft Word Microsoft Powerpoint Microsoft Excel Microsoft Publisher Microsoft Outlook Microsoft OnenNte