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I have been involved in Plymouth South's Marketing program currently learning Marketing essentials along with putting marketing into action.


I am interested in becoming a marketing director, who will be appreciated for the remarkable skill set, experience, and personality that makes me a well performed marketer.  


Marketing is essential for any organization that wants to raise awareness about itself, its products or its services. As the famous saying goes, "He who has a thing to sell and goes and whispers in a well is not as apt to get the dollars as he who climbs a tree and hollers." Regardless of whether it's dollars you're after, having clear, established goals in getting the word out will help you successfully implement a marketing plan.


Work experience


The Wendy's Company

I cooked and assembled sandwiches. I learned mostly how to handle hard work and stress situations.

Feb 2011Present

marketing director

Sign Center Boston


Nov 2012Present


Plymouth South High School