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  • English - Expert Level.
  • Spanish - Expert Level (Native).
  • Armenian - Mid Level. 


  • Marital Status: Single
  • Nationality: Argentinean
  • Age and Date of birth: 23 , 18-07-1985
  • Birth Place: Córdoba, Argentina 


  • Improve my programming and testing skills.
  • Build a professional career within the Video Game industry.

Work experience

Sep 2007Present

Senior Quality Tester

  • Senior Game Tester and Sound Quality Tester/ Fixer for the Quality Assurance Area, Gameloft (Córdoba, Argentina), 2007-2009.

In this period, I have developed my Testing skills doing all kind of Test for different type of projects:

  • Full tests: Testing EVERY aspect of the application or game, including the Game files, the menus, the Action Phase (Levels, behaviors, graphics, sounds, collisions, physics, etc...).
  • Localization tests in different languages such as: Spanish, English, Italian, French, German, Portuguese, Brazilian, Czech, etc...
  • Compatibility tests: Testing an application originally designed for a certain device, in a different device, searching for bugs or errors that could be generated by compatibility issues.
  • Sound Quality tests: Concerning the quality of the sounds, the volume, saturation, etc...
  • Connectivity tests: Online gaming, Lan gaming, Connectivity through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, etc...
  • High risk tests: Testing for different third-party companies, such as "True North Service" or "Danger!", these projects should be tested according to different rules given by the third-party companies, and this rules must be completely respected.
  • As a "Senior Tester" I perform several leading tasks such as leading a team of 6 members when the Lead tester is absent, track the bugs uploaded by my team members and correct them if it's necessary, send their reports to the Developers area, help the Team members, Producers, Developers, etc... with any doubt that they may have, etc...


Jan 2008Present

Programming technician

U.T.N Cordoba


C# programming (Medium Level). SQL Server 2005 (Medium Level). Java programming (Medium Level).  
Audio Software
Adobe Audition Reason Fruity Loops Pro Tools Cubase Sonar etc...
Windows VISTA/XP (32 bits and 64 bits)/98/95, 2000, NT, Red hat Linux (9.0, ES, WS).