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Work experience



Babysitting is a big responsibility. A protective parent is allowing you to watch over and take care of your child for a limited time. You have to have watchful eyes and know the difference between right and wrong. Some of the responsibilities that you must have are: knowing how to clean up a mess, being able to read directions, following the parents guidlines, and making sure the child is safe.

May 2012Present

VP of Membership

Future Business Leaders of America

As a local officer for Youngker, I have learned so many new things. Already, I've been given many responsibilities. I am in charge of making sure that we are on track for our chapter awards with AZ FBLA and with the West- MEC awards. I also take charge of many commitees for our local chapter. I hope that this year I will be able to be a better, more improved officer than I was last year!

Sep 2012Present

Business Operations Support Staff

Arizona FBLA
  • Facilitate Events/Conferences
  • Clean Up after Events/Conferences
  • Setting Up & Tearing Down Events/Conferences
  • Judging
  • Preparing Lunches
Aug 2012Dec 2012

Student Store Intern

Youngker High School

Customer Service

Taking Inventory

Stocking Supplies

Managing Money



May 2011May 2012

VP of Communications

Future Business Leaders of America

Being an FBLA officer gives you many responsibilites depending on what your position is. I am the Vice President of Communications. I am the one that makes sure that every event we go to gets recorded by photography. I also am in charge of making our yearly scrapbook. I also work closely with the Vice President of Media Relations. We work together getting out press releases and covering campus and FBLA events at Youngker.


Aug 2010Present

In Progress

Youngker High School

Freshman Year

  • Honors English 1A & 1B
  • College & Career Prep 1
  • Honors Earth & Space Science
  • Honors Algebra 1A & 1B
  • Intro to Business

Sophomore Year

  • Honors English 2A & 2B
  • Honors Geometry
  • Honors Algebra
  • Honors World History/ Geography
  • Honors Biology
  • Intro to Culinary Arts
  • Basic Business Services

Junior Year

  • Psychology
  • 3-Dimmensional Design
  • Advanced Business
  • Honors College Algebra
  • English 101/102
  • Honors College Trigonometry
  • Honors US History
  • College & Career Prep 3

Future Classes

  • AP Biology



I am currently a Junior at Youngker High School. I am involved in Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA). My career goal is to go to college and study anthropology, and either history or linguistics. From there I hope to obtain a job that allows me to travel all over the world.

Career Research Projects

During my freshman year, I took College and Career Prep. It is required that every freshman take this class to ready themselves for college and upcoming job opportunites. All freshman year I wanted to pursue a job in the culinary arts. I wanted to become a baker. As the year changed, I grew up a little and my career has changed. Something in anthropology is what I would like to go into.


Q: What are your strengths and how do you think you show these characteristics?

A: I think that my greatest assests are that I have great time management  and I am open-minded about alot of things. I use my time very wisely throughout the week because I am very busy with school work and I don't have time to mess around like some other kids my age.

Q: What weaknesses do you believe you have?

A: I dont think outside the box very much. If I were to read a poem I would only see the surface of it while others can find the deeper meaning of it. I also have a problem listening to my peers at moments. I have a good leadership but that can always be someones downf fall, being to strong-headed.

School Activities

Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) is the one extra-curricular activity that I love. I put a lot of time and effort into being an officer and helping our FBLA chapter. This past May, I was inducted in the National Honors Society at Youngker High School. In NHS we do a lot of community service for our school and others in our city.

Career Opportunities

Anthropology can give you a wide variety of careers like: an archeologist, bilingual educator, historical preservationist, or even international business.

Community Service

I have volunteered 15 hours of community service to my old elementary school. There I helped them grade, organize, and clean up. Teachers really do have a hard time getting everything done once the students leave for the day. In February, we had our Second Annual CTSO Charity Olympic Games. There I was the head of our committee to put it together and help promote it throughout our school. We raised $325 for the Buckeye Union High School District CTE scholarship.

Last May I helped at the Phoenix Symphony in Goodyear. There I helped hand out flyers and take down the set afterwards. I also recently worked at my high schools registration for a whole day.


  • History - Learning about what happened in our past can always help us in the future.
  • Cooking -  Creating colorful, tasteful dishes and desserts for my family.
  • Travel - I want to learn more about the world and its different cultures and languages. The best way to do that is to travel to that place.
  • Archeology - You can always learn more from the past by what artifacts previous peoples left behind.


  • Business Award
  • High Honors 4.0+ GPA
  • Future Award
  • Honor Roll 8th Grade
  • National Junior Honors Society (N.J.H.S.)
  • Principals List 7th Grade

Business Application

I am really lucky to have gotten Intro to Business for my freshman year. It helped me learn the beginnings of business. Last year I took the second course, Basic Business Services. This year I am taking the final business course, Advanced Business. Here we run our student store. Taking these business classes has helped me learn about the real world and how it works. From taking these classes I have gotten an uper hand over other people my age. Whether I am looking for a job or going to the bank an understanding debits and credits, I am confident that I will be better prepared.

Informational Interview

During my Sophomore year, in my English class we were given an I-search. An I-search is where the student chooses what they want to research then they must interview someone on that topic, and read a book and article on the topic as well. My topic was about ancient Egypt. I interviewed Bethany Hutchins, a college professor at Estrella Mountain Community College who teaches ancient civilizations. This whole process and interview made me feel like I was experiencing the basics of what anthropologists do.