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GERARDO ALEXIS CALVILLO CARRASCO Av. 35 Oriente 1623.Col. El mirador. Puebla, Puebla. Phone: (01-222) 2643500/2450249 Mobile:. (01-222)3042917 Married - 5/10/1967 - Mexican [email protected] [email protected] PROFILE PROFESSIONAL ________________________________________ Engineer in Electronics and Communications with Graduated in Financial Administration and acquired professional experience in the performance of Management positions in areas of Engineering, Manufacture and Maintenance in automotive industry and for appliance. AREAS OF DOMINION: Design and implementation of New Projects and analysis of viability of such. Management of the operative and manufacturing areas Handling of costs and financial administration of projects and areas of manufacture Innovation and introduction of new technologies in the productive areas. Handling of APQP, AMEF, Plan of Control (PPAP's). Thus like knowledge of requirements of the clients: Ford, DaimlerChrysler, GM, Nissan, BMW,VM and Mercedes Maintenance of plants y starting of new lines. Handling of paqueter a statistical QS-Stat and CEP. English 90% EXPERIENCE PROFESSIONAL ________________________________________ Cartec S.A. DE C.V.( PWO_MEXICO) 01/2007-Current Puebla, Puebla Turn: Metal mechanic Automotive Products Tier 1 and Tier 2 Plant Manager (Operations Manager) Implementation of the Team Groups Philosophy Management of the operative administration of the plant. Press shop, Automatic weld and robots. Control of the budget Management of the Engineering, Quality, Logistic, Purchasing, Programming and Maintenance departments CYESA ( Cables y Estampados S.A. de C.V) 12/2005- 08/2006 M xico, D.F. Turn: Metal mechanic Automotive Products Tier 1 and Tier 2 Plant Director (Operations Manager) Support and make improves in the operations of all the plant. Change the current system through a new operations system as BOS or Score Cards. Management of the operative administration of the plant. Press shop, Mash weld and robots, manufacture of jacks and diverse types of cables (brakes, doors, capes) as well as of processes of manual mash weld - At this time we change the operations from 12 hrs shifts to 2 eight hours shifts , reduce the overtime in almost 95%. - Change the layout in one area. - Establishment of standards as lean manufacturing plus the improvement of the processes and recertificaci n of the company within norms TS and VDA as well. - Improved the PPM s from 17000 to 600 ( Dec.2005 to July 2006) Independent assessor 01/2005 10/2005 Irapuato, Gto. Handling of the philosophy Lean Manufacturing. In application in the industry of footwear and of appliances. Concepts of Lean: 5's, TPM, JIT, OEE, Balance Score Card, Values Stream Map (Chain of Value), etc. COLLIS of M xico - SSWholding 06/2003 - 12/2004 Irapuato, Gto. Turn: Metal mechanic Products of Appliance Tier 1 Manager of Engineering, Manufactures and Maintenance Ordered of projects and of the starting of new line for products MABE, WHIRPOOL; VENDO, NIETO; BOSCH; FRIOCIMA; LEISER. - Through my management obtained a reduction of debt of $250.000 usd to $80.000 in the area of maintenance and projects. - Selection of base of suppliers and development of such - Creation of inventory of spare parts. With this issue we reduce the cost in 35% in budget - Improvements and implementation in the TPM next to reduction of costs of projects in a rank of 20% a 35%. Applying Kaizen, 5's and lean manufacturing - Implementation of automatic system of capacitores for the power factor and a return of $1, 000.000 usd. in a 11 months BENTELER AUTOMOTIVE - Puebla Plant 06/1997 - 01/2003 Puebla, Puebla Turn: Metal mechanic Products Automotive Tier 1 Manager of Engineering Person in charge of departments of Costs, Planning and Engineering of Projects, Engineering of Plant, Assembly Maintenance and Maintenance of Presses. In charge of a personnel of 135 people, 65 engineers and 70 employees of maintenance. - Reduction the expenses in a 25%, implementation of improvements in the control of the spare parts and requisitions stops the area of maintenance, control of the costs as well as update of processes. - Implementation of development plans with other governmental companies and dependencies - Application of the TPM in painting and assembly areas as well as the application of kaizens. In the areas administrative application and use of 5's being the first departments in company in applying them. Manager of Projects, Planning and Costs 07/2000 - 09/2001 Evaluation of new projects for the plant. Improved of the systems of costeos thus as update of the planning and systems of design. - Reduction of the budget in a 20%, obtaining of several projects between which is Meritor plates M-Class. - Increase of production in lines of PT44, several parts of New Bettle Joist, Support of motor BMW. Technical assistant of Chief of a main directorate of Plant 05/2000 - 07/2000 Participation in all the areas related to improvement of productive means as well as to the reduction of costs. - Obtaining of reduction in expenses of 2.3 Mio Usd. - Elaboration of plans for all the company to get a reductions according with the main Director Administration of lines PT44 and BMW 01/2000 - 05/2000 To the control to 20 supervisors and 390 direct workers and 65 indirect ones. - Increase production PT44 of 656 pcs. daily to 950 pcs. daily, with 0 PPM during 2 years consecutive. Increase production BMW of 120 pcs. daily to 320 pcs. with an investment of 200 TUsd. Design, installation, control of budget and starting of line of weld of PT44 Crossmember. Design in Kalamazoo, My, the USA. Manufacture of line in Bielefeld, Germany. 06/1998 - 01/2000 - Obtaining of the approval of DaimlerChrysler like first released national supplier for production. Approval in less of a year for QS9000 of new line of production Administration of the lines of production of C1 and A4, in addition to products several of A3; having 12 supervisors and 450 workers a position. 1998 Worked in the C1 project (New Beetle) and A4 for VW-Mexico. Installation and starting of lines of weld for Bumpers s, I sweep Anti-impact and Central Tube 1997 1998 General Motors of Mexico - Silao Plant 03/1993 -01/1997 Turn: Automotive OEM Coordinator of production 10/1996 - 01/1997 Senior Process Eng 11/1994 - 10/1996 Leader of maintenance of the area of painting 04/1994 - 11/1994 Leader of installation 03/1993 - 06/1994 CELANESE MEXICANA S.A DE CV. 01/1992 - 01/1993 Departments of Engineering of Support and Maintenance EDUCATION ________________________________________ POSTGRADUATE: GRADUATED IN ADMINISTRATION FINANCIER UDLA-P [Graduated 2003] DISTRIBUTED CONTROL I AND II ITESM [Graduated 1992] COLLEGE STUDENT: ENGINEER IN ELECTRONICS AND COMMUNICATIONS Universidad de las Americas-Puebla. Cholula, Puebla [Graduated 1991 - Number 1692041] QUALIFICATION COMPLEMENTARY ________________________________________ SPECIALIZATION COURSESES: Consultant's office in TPM, 5's and Kaizen Course of GDIT Courses of equipment improvement. Certificate of interviewer Improvement of the quality (Forum of VW-M)

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