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After 18 years as a Patrol Officer and 5 years as a Road Sergeant in the Patrol Division of the Township of Edison Police Department in New Jersey, Alex Glinsky accepted an offer to join the Department’s Detective Bureau in 2009. In this capacity, he assumed a leadership role in investigations by drawing upon his knowledge of laws, precedents, court procedures, government regulations, executive orders, criminal statutes, and agency rules. 

In addition to overseeing aspects of criminal investigations and offering his guidance and expertise to fellow investigators, Alex Glinsky ensured that all investigations complied with local, state, and federal laws and procedures. In a number of cases, he accessed electronic databases to conduct research related to ongoing investigations and collected, prepared, and handled case evidence. 

In 2002, Alex Glinsky graduated from Seton Hall University with a Master of Arts in Human Resources Training and Development. In his role as a Sergeant within the Detective Bureau, he utilized his knowledge of organizational structure to produce feedback in the fields of personnel selection, training, recruitment, personal information systems, labor negotiations, and compensation. Alex Glinsky also developed training methods, designed curricula, and established a system for measuring the effects of training in a variety of settings. In addition to instructing staff members and monitoring the professional performance of his subordinates, he also informed personnel of new laws and policy changes. 

During investigations, Alex Glinsky performed a number of information analysis functions to determine information quality and plan investigative strategies. By drawing upon his extensive knowledge of human behavior and performance, psychological research techniques, individual differences in ability and personality, learning and motivation, and mental conditions, Alex Glinsky was able to better predict criminal activity and assess behavioral patterns and trends. To improve both his abilities and his professional networking, Alex Glinsky frequently maintained working relationships with other law enforcement agencies, community leaders, and court staff. In many cases, he assisted court personnel with their cases and testified in court about criminal activity. He retired in 2011.

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