Seasoned digital media executive, with extensive music services, artist management, production and music label experience. Highly effective at understanding business demands and developing strategic customer partnerships. Results-oriented with a broad knowledge of how to implement solutions that meet client needs and produce profits. Demonstrated ability to hire, train and motivate a best-in-class staff to perform beyond expectation. 


Judo, travel, audiophile and pop culture enthusiast.   

Work experience

Work experience
Nov 2007 - Present

Director, Strategic and Creative Development

Padrino Media Group

Lead brand development and strategic planning groups, targeting Hispanic, Asian American and African American consumers, as well as the general youth market.

  •    Develop campaigns for clients using strategic analytical demographic information, marketing tools, technologies and grass-roots initiatives to achieve established goals.
  •    Generate revenue, consumer engagement, brand activation and loyalty through measurable cell phone marketing campaigns.
  •   Create financial models and cost controls for management of media planning and buying on a project basis. 
Sep 1995 - Present


Kepler Campbell LLC

Create, develop and supervise marketing initiatives for leading brands, record labels, media firms, music retailers, distributors, publishers and third party endorsers.

  •    Clients include Yoko Ono (MindTrain Records), Tamarama (Universal Motown), RocDarling Films, YAMA Cage Fighting, ActiVision, Nell Bryden (157 Records), Zenedge Energy Drink, Elkland (Columbia Records), The Strokes (RCA Records), Will Dailey (CBS Records), Groupo 3 (Sony Music Germany), Cruiserweight (Doghouse Records), Thara (Desert Storm Records), Stefan and Erkon (German TV Channel 4) Belizbeha (7Samoans Entertainment), Majestic 12 (Jive/Electro), Yorkside Beverage Distribution, and Craig Mitchell (Twisted Records).
  •    Manage all phases of physical and digital marketing and product sales campaigns.
  •  Plan and execute client music, film and television productions; organize touring and branding campaigns with extensive domestic and international travel on behalf of key clients. 
Aug 2005 - Nov 2007

General manager

LateralView SONY/BMG

Managed day-to-day operations, including P&L, of this Sony record label with award-winning high profile artists and producers, including Danielle Evin, Phil Ramone, Jack Douglas, Michael Brauer, Frank Fillipeti, Pinchas Zukerman, Jay Messina, Classic Kid, Crime Scene University and ShiRock Productions.

  •    Co-Produced Classic Kid with Grammy Award-winners Phil Ramone and Pinchas Zukerman.
  •    Oversaw worldwide marketing, promotions and digital sales initiatives.
  •    Selected and hired all session musicians, vendor and other support staff for label.
  •    Produced and managed radio campaigns for selected artists' projects.
  •  Deployed regional, national and online street team record promotions. 
Sep 2004 - Aug 2005

Manager, Global Talent and Touring

DAS Communications

Traveled on behalf of the firm with clients such as the Bacon Brothers, Nitty, Spin Doctors and Joan Osbourne.

  •    Negotiated international release schedules of product and marketing campaigns.
  •    Coordinated international press and media junkets; arranged all travel for clients and their touring/production crews.
  • Negotiated international publishing administrations deals for clients. 
Sep 2002 - Sep 2003

Coordinator, Events & Sponsorships

Jessica Brown Productions

Assisted principals in the daily operation of an urban event-planning firm. Clients included Tribeca Film Festival, Sundance Film Festival, Cannes Film Festival, Vanity Fair, US Weekly, Rolling Stone and

  •    Managed all sponsor solicitation and corporate placement at events.
  • Interacted daily with key clients. 
1999 - 2002

Brand and License Manager

Graffaholix Inc.

Identified, signed and managed all phases of comprehensive brand and licensing for a variety of clothing companies and recording artists, such as Jay-Z, Canal Jeans Co., H2O, Kill Your Idols, Yellow Rat Bastard, Roca Wear and Theory Clothing.

  •    Managed merchandise for recording artists; developed strong relationships with marketing managers and key buyers at national retailers.
  •    Developed both consumer and dealer catalogs on digital and print media.
  •    Negotiated branding and licensing agreements for third party wholesale distribution worldwide.
  •  Created incubator program for emerging artists' merchandise brands. 
1996 - 2001

Director, Marketing and Licensing

Blackout! Records

Created marketing and licensing strategies for H2O, Guided by Voices, Sheer Terror, Turbo AC's, American Standard, Fur, Sublime and Dead Kennedys.

  •    Coordinated and scheduled production, mixing, mastering, manufacturing and distribution of more than 85 titles.
  •    Planned and administered touring budgets, licensing agreements and royalty payments.
  •    Created weekly analysis of product spread, sales efficiency, advertising revenue and campaign expectations.
  • Negotiated deal points in artist recording contracts. 


Aug 1992 - Jun 1996


University of Vermont


1995 - 1996

Audio Engineer Society

Institute of Audio Research